BMX Biker Thrills in Traffic

A BMX biker does tricks on a ramp on the back of a truck in Lima, Peru.
3:00 | 01/14/14

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Transcript for BMX Biker Thrills in Traffic
Our folks next time you're ready for some the -- lurch here do not try this at home DMX bicycle. So far cry from what -- -- my buddies are doing way back in the day this is some crazy stuff. This comes from Daniel -- -- it's in Peru and yet he's on a moving truck right here. This -- an ordinary BMX -- he's a five time X games gold medalist. He's pretty incredible and this -- some of the stuff that he did that they put the ramp on top -- trailer in the middle of traffic in Lima Peru. Constantly -- through the traffic is pretty intense there and he's doing as well structural. That is -- from you can entertain that idea. Definitely total entertainment is wise guys -- fundamentalists and let me be stuck in traffic I mean it's so boring. Something Watson doesn't rubber -- for your right there vastly. -- settle -- moving on to the next story you know big dogs get such a bad rap sometimes you hear all of these. -- all these back stories about but this is. An uplifting story great story that shows why people love how these big protective dogs around this woman in Little Rock -- named -- -- she's sixty years old she's taken her trash out one night. And I guy comes up to -- pushes our demands for money. And her pit bull named champ just happened to be -- -- started barking like crazy and scared that guy off. So we have a sound -- from -- I have that the chance that now live and I -- an undated you know another -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Pretty -- a chance of being called heroes today -- Former principal owner and is this the greatest dog -- -- just think it's a cliche is true there's no bad dogs really out there there's a shadow adults and it really is the -- I -- a great story -- capital's grand wish for a kid who as. Why her homes sell his DO sites -- It's a eight year old boy -- that they really treated him right -- need to -- they are Saskatchewan. Going to capitals practice on Saturday. He got to drop the puck for a face off he got to go into the locker rooms at the capitals equipment and death. He did little one on one that ended in. This fight at one point I think this medical I would look at what would area you know highly Tennessee be without it had ended in the face -- because the guy out. Get happy yeah. I got I it and we'll check on the but there are no less that good story I donated to the blaster X I love this so insurance dot com did a survey of about 2000 drivers about what is the best. Song to drive -- So many good I wouldn't vote journeys don't stop the only minutes -- -- such a good rather than the worst song. Who let the dogs out. Eyewitness or did you just about -- anything exactly especially drive Moriarty probably enjoyed sitting in traffic so. Yeah top song don't stop believing number two song for driving -- -- and -- It's a good one too I find myself when you put on those kinds songs these -- was damp and so they can do to police are speeding monumental.

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{"id":21523342,"title":"BMX Biker Thrills in Traffic","duration":"3:00","description":"A BMX biker does tricks on a ramp on the back of a truck in Lima, Peru.","url":"/WNN/video/bmx-biker-thrills-traffic-21523342","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}