Careless Criminal

A thief in France steals Christmas presents from a car and leaves cell phone.
2:53 | 12/28/12

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Transcript for Careless Criminal
So we are now in the mix yes final mix of the week finally took Friday and I gotta say I am I know I'm taking time out of its way to do this but the best part of being years became the coast. You haven't. Here -- human kindness. So now let's get into the mix up -- very -- -- serious -- We will have reviewed it -- -- criminal of the year award this a thief in that France. Stole Christmas presents from -- car he left his phone in that car. You want to get this phone back -- we -- the police to reported missing following countersues at the station of people that he just stole from. Saying that hey this guy -- his phone in the car that is careless criminal of the day. How can and that's an area celebrity -- years -- what the hangover cure drummer all of it's a spare guests -- warnings to the institute of medical science -- -- national university of South Korea thank you South Korea. As spare against and then minerals found asparagus is -- many. A -- How does it help your liver cells and it helps filter that is why pay your piece sometimes a little different after you -- I'm and -- -- Right now for the final world news Poconos 20012. Yes we can play any -- -- business has here. This one -- -- start with -- whales that are maestro. Barry Mitchell. Who needs flowers who needs meets pledge -- -- Texan -- eats at Ballantine hope. If you're not a -- you can always a good job that's been -- and I hope. He's like -- no one -- and then tomorrow maybe you know Limbaugh. The I don't -- using I'm and he -- -- And. The wrong. No I don't know it's bad bad spelling punctuation. Grammar don't. Movies like we. I think timeline Berlin road. -- why -- -- in Kenya and bring its. Yeah have you hung his home alone can't -- -- -- -- letter that -- can tell us your.

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{"id":18081034,"title":"Careless Criminal","duration":"2:53","description":"A thief in France steals Christmas presents from a car and leaves cell phone.","url":"/WNN/video/careless-criminal-18081034","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}