Celebrating the Hemp Flag on July 4th

A hemp-made American flag will fly over Washington D.C. today.
2:50 | 07/04/13

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Transcript for Celebrating the Hemp Flag on July 4th
Time in the next question for our fourth of July -- -- guess what flag might fly over our nation's capital that it. Something other than the American flag about the flag of -- OK just stay with me on this one it's very confusing Purcell can't as a close cousin of marijuana. And was banned along time -- this country after being used for so many products make a lot of money you can't smoke camp doesn't really it has very low concentrations of TH -- and it. But it somehow got caught up -- marijuana and it was. Well. Congressman tries to get him reinstated for research anyway and -- get shot down but. The amendment to have it celebrated on July 4 -- the past was pre approved. So at this still not legal to cultivate here in the United States but they have that they approved the flag flying over the capital on this July 4 as if it weren't going past -- get all that so they have flag is flying over the capital helped by the way could not be more Americans. Thomas Jefferson George Washington they all who have won their farms -- sure -- clogs and all kinds of things. You import 90% of our hand from Canada so why it's still illegal I don't know what they had flags flying in this fourth of July. All right -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- moving on there's something called why high. That's very interesting it is say a low power Wi-Fi signal that -- actually be used to attack humans behind wal. They use two different types of way anything can top scientist Wayne -- teens and and -- able to detect people. Moving around it has to have movement -- the applications for this are fantastic he will be used to search for survivors trapped in rubble in an earthquake. You know police when they're entering a building if they want to see -- moving around inside. Yet the person they're tracking doesn't have to be wearing anything special -- Jesse windows and -- rescue teams in the it's it's really quite phenomenal. All right next up -- -- scientists discover that fish feel no pain. I always -- by the of one of the world's whoever went fishing is a little boy -- -- -- this kind of maintenance official -- and -- Well apparently -- -- studies found that even they got a fish on the hook and it's trickling its impervious to pain because apparently doesn't have the necessary brain power. This was published in the journal of fish and fisheries and actually team -- seven scientists studied the brains of fish and said that just not really capable of peeling paint. So apparently they have an unconscious. Instinctive response to try to squirm off the hook that's what they're doing that but they're not really think an inevitable -- sprint all I got does -- So anyway that they also did some studies -- fish resume feeding a normal activity within minutes after the take an awful book. And put back in the starting again -- apparently. I don't finish they don't experience pain so if you want to go fishing out there. And he worried about those poor little fish she's doing -- for a tough thing.

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{"id":19576590,"title":"Celebrating the Hemp Flag on July 4th ","duration":"2:50","description":"A hemp-made American flag will fly over Washington D.C. today.","url":"/WNN/video/celebrating-hemp-flag-july-4th-19576590","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}