Dancing Mom Sees Kids Off to School

Massachusetts mom Tracy Moutafis dances to "Bye Bye Bye" at her kids' school bus stop.
2:54 | 08/29/13

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Transcript for Dancing Mom Sees Kids Off to School
All right the most wonderful time of the year as they say and -- staples -- and aren't apparent to really excited about different kids -- -- school have some free time. Well there's a -- -- to that end -- I didn't realize this but this woman before we put it up Traci. Lot of this is not shy about her back to school excitement she apparently became violent 2012 with a celebration dance and now she's -- Internet sensation. And this year she came out with a great one she's performing too insane give a listen. I was a little guns -- school yeah. -- and that's how you feel I. Few hours to myself -- outside of America. -- Nelson -- back and it. I'm glad -- sometimes what I was told he had made its looks forward to -- -- somebody tell my sons George and Angelo no longer home for the summer. -- -- -- -- Let me read it understands that there's more than one. -- -- -- No doubt about dancing in the -- -- -- go back OK here's something that I had actually happened to me but I have been the person who had been the subject of a terrible video similar to -- site. So look lady and her boyfriend at an amusement park performing rights to get on a ride called the Susan this morning shot with a grandma -- and -- -- And -- hilarity ensues take a look. The -- Really relaxed enough for -- -- for -- okay. I think and I have been and that many people -- I did not know what's coming and killing is as frightening thought I had an ambulance -- -- the -- out but he also talks about selling his pants yes it not a very nice way. Did you get it right this is pretty good the women that are news meeting didn't really appreciate this one at a new study says that single men wash their bed sheets. Four times a year. Talk about right to me watch -- quarterly you know every season -- wash -- sheets got the -- didn't seem to be too disturbed by this but yeah clearly the women did and apparently. When you sell out of the woman goes up to -- got every other week etiquette she's watching this tonight senator that's absolutely discuss what do you. Every other week once a mob wasn't what we need special Martha Stewart.

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{"id":20105788,"title":"Dancing Mom Sees Kids Off to School","duration":"2:54","description":"Massachusetts mom Tracy Moutafis dances to \"Bye Bye Bye\" at her kids' school bus stop.","url":"/WNN/video/dancing-mom-sees-kids-off-school-20105788","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}