'Dancing with the Stars' recap

The show kicked off its 24th season with some of the world's biggest stars strutting their stuff.
2:40 | 03/21/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Dancing with the Stars' recap
It is big time starting with last night's much anticipated two hour premiere of season 24 Dancing With The Stars. Point we're seeing waning for and so was actually a landmark night. The show's 400 episode who the last act absolute standouts right up the games. No surprise here a live hit in this and mauled by scoring a solid 32. Other forwarding. For the ten. A very nice. You know outfit John showing running back where shouted Jennings checking out what his partner MS later dancing and it's hot stuff they got 831. Out of forty you can now. Yeah and they think dances great song that they hit everything the stage and for that was actually pretty cool. He's landed that moved whatever you call it it's my favorite already. So quickly lake satisfy him. Impressed but the night's most pleasant surprise. Let's former Major League Baseball catcher David Ross coming off his World Series victory looking for a new H broke free in the mirror ball. Here's what they're calling and highly energetic. Quickstep scoring 28 out of forty own goof. On the flip side that disappointment. Professional ball right at Bonner Bolton spent most of his chat judges trying to keep up with his partner China. Scoring his 22 at a quality. And also among the disappointments Mr. T. Who just kind of stood there. He was in fifty sevens glittering. Can dance mister C just not done. Wasn't jazz is about is he doing is that like I vote case that I can't always good. Another night if you do. I not to be outdone out of an Al veteran Chris could tan and that Whitney dance. Iraq very of course yeah well all words they got just a seventeen out of. As bad handing what's already turning into an ABC tradition last night Jimmy Kimmel made his prediction of who will ultimately carry home. The mirror ball death than. Senator reveal my selection drum roll please. PM long. Well good why didn't tell us. The end of another Dancing With The Stars season wanting more is brought shot.

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{"id":46271143,"title":"'Dancing with the Stars' recap","duration":"2:40","description":"The show kicked off its 24th season with some of the world's biggest stars strutting their stuff.","url":"/WNN/video/dancing-stars-recap-46271143","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}