Least Erotic Part of the Body Revealed

Feet are the least appealing part of the body, according to a new study.
3:00 | 09/10/13

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Transcript for Least Erotic Part of the Body Revealed
All right time the next and we've been gone back and forth about this -- it's a strange study but related -- what you think it's new study about -- parts of the body the released. Erotic the most erotic. And anyway we'll start out with the least erotic part of the body putting the study. The -- Okay the study. A lot of you know you hear about these foot -- people -- Israel. I dedicated to this -- well apparently that came the lowest -- sexual attractiveness -- -- 41 body parts followed closely by the -- PME by the -- He added I don't let the big -- I just kind of went. Yeah he does because. On the Internet and getting into -- that didn't want to get into others. You -- done. Keep -- nonbinding jacket. At any rate the backs of legs apparently are another male. Back -- legs and most popular body parts the twins and Barry's in the flower you get when I'm -- I guess that makes batteries to follow the nether regions followed by the -- okay. And yes the the year is. Can you inner thighs and the shoulder blades -- shoulder blades -- this -- this is just a mr. Competitive grant it leaves out the eyes strain. To box and -- -- on the -- -- -- That -- -- -- -- Dallek -- that does that -- you one that you would think would be on the list are not on the -- -- traditional they're laid down get me in. Years he's got very hot here -- You're saying even notice things and -- something wrong with that exact that movie players and -- -- that some -- OK let's get this -- because this is panic buttons no New Orleans post and the 2013. Beer and not fast she can't be positive. And we have our winners take a look this is Chris Chris eventually won the freestyle -- beer category that is critical lots of hairspray. DeVon Obama Jacksonville Florida he won that natural mustache category that's pretty good take a look back and two feet and and can actually -- -- -- -- It what do they have different and and jet plane -- he won the national beer to that is up. As -- mayor and what we would look like. -- -- -- Kansas Enid news and. -- -- -- -- -- I don't bearded OK here but when -- You might get the latest -- show a hit and -- at a. We got hold of my third yeah. -- -- Are heading into TI collars the guy -- the bank -- suspect put up the picture. Yeah -- the you Wear pink wig -- -- drafts have about fifteen seconds that bearded lady. -- --

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{"id":20208307,"title":"Least Erotic Part of the Body Revealed ","duration":"3:00","description":"Feet are the least appealing part of the body, according to a new study. ","url":"/WNN/video/erotic-part-body-revealed-20208307","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}