Financial Woes for Reality TV Stars

Teresa and Joe Giudice owe more than $13 million to creditors.
3:05 | 04/10/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Financial Woes for Reality TV Stars
Skinny guy things are about to get even worse for real housewives star Teresa and Joseph -- -- a trustee overseeing did you guys is bankruptcy says that the couple paid only a tiny portion seven to 500 dollars of the money they out. So now creditors are free to go after them for more than thirteen million dollars in debt. Biggest jump -- money is owed to Wachovia bank just over five million dollars did you guys his plea that he pled guilty last month to a number of financial charges they will be sentenced in July. And videos somehow never gets old and she isn't she's no -- isn't saying that didn't. Does not -- slipping else like most sympathetic video -- Oprah Winfrey's on the cover of the new issue of her magazine no surprise there but this time she's looking rather sultry. And television icon jokes that she's always lying on the floor wearing an evening gown and every one. I Diana does. During a former congressional. Independent judiciary is hit list and on Tuesday she talks about -- She says. Sixty is -- importing and all but admits that she colors her hair cover also says of the best part of being older is -- freedom to do what ever you want the worst part however is realizing how much time. You waste it looks like a bunch -- -- the next time you do that he -- itself in yeah well I. -- like apparently only getting better from beyoncé and daisy fresh off some much needed foreign car and the country sharing her family vacation with her fans posting some of their quiet moments on the line here she is in the Dominican Republic taking peaceful -- -- two year old Blue Ivy. Well musical couple air power couple celebrating their sixth wedding anniversary. On the beach and looking very much in love. Ten day -- -- leopard bikini here looking at amazing with no -- as usual all that downtime after wrapping up more than a hundred shows for her world. Tore I senate farm and Hussein again how many beautiful vacation pictures in paradise I have to see -- before I love her farm life. -- -- whom -- I don't know. Tonight another lady who's working hard on -- or something like that can -- -- again she says she's a little tired. How -- I'm Kardashian admitted to having some exhaustion on her way into the early morning work out she's really been struggling to prison in nineteen dealing invading north. -- another feeling welcome to -- and to humanity. -- to -- a lot she's. Helping slash a wedding Kanye West of the next month -- -- couple we'll get some relaxation on their honeymoon can says north is not coming with them no word on yet where the honeymoon is going to be. Here's the thing it's a really easy to hit on her icon and I and you should know -- it's -- about. Her credit for actually getting up and not having 45 nannies do with the baby overnight she could very easily be like -- we really do behind the scenes and -- know. Her way of kind of connecting. And there -- You know that sound very well -- it happening in my house right it's not as a recently you poor guy's handling amplifier.

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{"id":23269178,"title":"Financial Woes for Reality TV Stars","duration":"3:05","description":"Teresa and Joe Giudice owe more than $13 million to creditors.","url":"/WNN/video/financial-woes-reality-tv-stars-23269178","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}