Fist Bump to Avoid Spreading Germs

Research by surgeons at West Virginia University finds more bacteria are transferred in a handshake.
2:50 | 11/25/13

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Transcript for Fist Bump to Avoid Spreading Germs
It's time for the mix and for those of you don't know what -- fist -- is we shall demonstrate -- it's been made popular by President Obama but for those of you. Who didn't know this it can potentially save lives there -- a plastic surgeon -- Doctor Who decided to run an experiment. Measuring the amount of bacteria that you get on your hand if you get a handshake or -- -- just give a fist bump. Apparently to shake someone's hands three times more bacteria is transferred to he says there next time you go free checkup but -- in a hospital setting. The doctor -- this -- each other instead or maybe even like the. Elbow but I mean I'm not -- -- Howard Hughes German phone but like in the wintertime Seattle win. We want to be shaken everybody's NBC many people hey John -- looked like this problem. CL editor for job interview for some reason mom or dad you know you know -- but otherwise -- -- man what's up yeah. That's shorter takes less -- less I don't I don't -- still colder in the winter right. That I had I was talk about prom story that it's kind of different a woman made about her friends that if she didn't get asked out for the problems. That she would -- Take a calculator she was dressed up a calculator and take a calculator. There she. And that's exactly what she did -- she didn't get fast after the -- that you're well anyway the following year earnings Regina Reynolds bottling. The following year she -- being voted. -- -- -- -- So she's basically says that to anyone out there. Anything can happen pretty good one years of the homecoming queen that you definitely -- -- -- capital. Kind of like tension because -- she does best -- later backed -- -- -- -- -- really weird to ad on Craigslist I'm -- actually there are many where that's our friends list but here's one that caught our -- there's someone in DC who's offering you a one dollar. A month in rent to live in a penthouse -- sounds great but there's the catch the catch is that you have to be -- all the time. This person what the naked roommate he is a male seeking a male. But -- doesn't care about -- -- -- say he can be. Gay doesn't matter have to be magnificent looking more and yes -- apparently -- -- standards. Staff say it is not much of an explanation there but -- but that's with the person looking for a -- really. -- -- Man -- man. Don't work out -- -- can live every dollar you look at I think it's been. All right -- and death for all you -- fans out at all you know that's what we came across this video of this plays golf when we eat what she. -- it's one of those strange parks that -- seen in places like Florida. And they put on his -- -- So we -- resist. There are a lot of -- fans out there and if you go to that park in Florida you can check out these shows this new exhibit that's -- running yet. In New Orleans about the show -- runs until January 5. But dep basically this floor apartment we keep watching spring's first opened in 1947. Mermaids and Merman who -- show us. Everything you need.

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{"id":21003091,"title":"Fist Bump to Avoid Spreading Germs","duration":"2:50","description":"Research by surgeons at West Virginia University finds more bacteria are transferred in a handshake.","url":"/WNN/video/fist-bump-avoid-spreading-germs-21003091","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}