Flight 370, Mudslide and the News of the Week

Oil Spill, Ukraine and the President and the Pope made up the week's headlines.
3:00 | 03/28/14

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Transcript for Flight 370, Mudslide and the News of the Week
And welcome back it is finally Friday and it sure has been a long week. On Monday the headlines are filled with the mystery of flight 370 -- bye weeks and hundreds of families were grieving with a look back at the week that was here's our Friday -- Life. Ammunition 370. And in the southern. We thought it was -- the fighting the debris was hard. Finding it on the bottom of the ocean is going to be at least twice as hard. You know. Six we -- -- and didn't know. Are there any injuries and. How they're literally getting stuck some sometimes all the -- -- their waste which means then they need help getting out of that area it's. All of this magnitude and I want to emphasize that this is a significant spill. We have been alert to you and looking for. Phillips and not just from our own surveillance team. -- from the public -- oiled wildlife. -- don't know what into the death -- his mind and what would be his this is and that's why this occasion becoming. -- Mora -- -- explosive than it used to be a tribute to -- I continue to be much more concerned. When it comes to our security. With the prospect. A nuclear weapon going off. In Manhattan. And you think that some people might say you work out alive no listen to -- -- disrespectful and almost lawyers -- get it. Doesn't -- do every single. Like it's been one of the greatest -- for me my entire career but. The dinner last year of my contract was up I was just ready to kind of move on. Of course you want to remind you about a very special feature far FaceBook fans at school in case you missed it and this week's version has a very special one you can check out all the highlights of our. Week here on world news now. Featuring -- has returned -- pictures of her beautiful baby boy Dylan thinking sweetheart -- we're checking how -- you want their -- on the W and and fans. Dot com how was your first two days -- you know it wasn't his tax hikes and I can be in tears half the time but it's it's. It's nice reprieve to be back alarm and not thinking about dirty diapers are currently at the feeding -- have to worry about as a reading the words in front man has got to worry about -- no other bodies are people you're on vacation at work I am on vacation -- -- weekend --

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{"id":23095320,"title":"Flight 370, Mudslide and the News of the Week","duration":"3:00","description":"Oil Spill, Ukraine and the President and the Pope made up the week's headlines.","url":"/WNN/video/flight-370-mudslide-news-week-23095320","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}