Food Truck For Dogs

An enterprising entrepreneur in Chicago has started a dog food food truck.
2:35 | 06/25/13

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Transcript for Food Truck For Dogs
From trucks roll over your city -- I loved -- and then there's a blue truck from dogs now it's been quite well in Chicago what's becoming a bit of a trend gourmet exactly out of drug. Why don't go to school Donaldson to view Chicago in the Celsius forty applicants right now what a licensed the brand just one. He's been frozen yogurt cups. Commercial. -- Chicago. And -- -- to explain a lot of people -- who want to buy it was never for themselves but if that is not it is that I had a hunch he backed out I didn't. For your job but. Critical. Urging her out of nothing -- -- you don't want to see my dog. Well. OK so now we're going to boulder where there has been kidnapping. A stuffed bear was kidnapped from outside the store. Nearby campsite area -- he was taken to a nearby campsite. He was then get into another set of campers told police. On the hunt for this -- checked out Craigslist and found that somebody had posted him on Craigslist that contacted the time they went out and contacted. And -- accident and they got the -- back. No winner here is now. In the official police report which say yeah funny that there does not appear to have been injured although he's missing his best -- -- fishing vest when police found him. But there has not shared any information about what happened to him during the incidents have details are not available they also said that when they found the bear he was indeed that he was being held against his will. Had talked to many -- police officer who wrote the press release for having us and then you -- that look like getting charges have been filed yet yet.

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{"id":19480120,"title":"Food Truck For Dogs","duration":"2:35","description":"An enterprising entrepreneur in Chicago has started a dog food food truck.","url":"/WNN/video/food-truck-dogs-19480120","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}