Friday Rewind: Immigration, Hobby Lobby and Wimbledon

Check out what made headlines this past week.
2:32 | 07/04/14

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Transcript for Friday Rewind: Immigration, Hobby Lobby and Wimbledon
On this fourth of July Friday it's time to check what -- -- headlines this past week from hot button issues in Washington to a red hot soccer match in Brazil here's our Friday reliance. We're negative test I don't think it's quite right -- take deposits and here they should be in Washington DC on on the doorstep. Obama our faith is very important in our starting this company when you murder in the name of god you want six. It was pretty dramatic everybody has some kind of damage I don't think anybody. Go -- unscathed you just assume that everything is. They tell you amortize its safe and here you expect that. If you don't believe today was a first. When I called to order Forestar showed -- boards for women they didn't exist. A special contract was that. And you folks are seeing the per -- in the history of the United States. She will bear the burden of a role model and she is ready to -- that very well and I'm very excited about that because we need lots more women in the navy. Something is not right was Serena. Clearly out of engineer. And -- I don't get our. It's harboring and we we gave everything. More a quick break and -- -- really. -- -- This morning. -- -- Everyone's songs and -- But a great week. And we want to remind you about a special feature for our fans on our face the -- yes it's called in case. You missed it we've compiled all the great moments from the week here on world news now check it out on our FaceBook page WNN fans. Dot com that that we flew behind him special plans -- My daughter turns to you move -- handle in a birthday party on Sunday and getting it wet hair and where the stores be open grocery stores and what -- -- can't front. And I have to bring kept you're going to be very visit about them tonight -- -- four go home to sleep. Catch up honestly for the company advocates and fireworks o'clock in the Washington agreement paddle boat active -- Our weather's going to be nice return they're not certain that the Washington fireworks will be on first time -- -- record at the very true I'm optimistic. You're optimistic. And I -- OPEC because I'm going back there they got -- -- but he's going to get back to.

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{"id":24425865,"title":"Friday Rewind: Immigration, Hobby Lobby and Wimbledon","duration":"2:32","description":"Check out what made headlines this past week.","url":"/WNN/video/friday-rewind-immigration-hobby-lobby-wimbledon-24425865","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}