Girl Chugs Beer With Her Ear: Online Hoax?

Web video claims to show a Czech woman drinking a pint with her ear.
2:55 | 05/13/13

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Transcript for Girl Chugs Beer With Her Ear: Online Hoax?
-- time the next appear fall asleep you'll probably wake up but this one 'cause it's kind of strange kind of nasty kinda weird how. Kind of whatever we don't know what to do with a lot of people say this videos of fake we have no clue -- just might be but there's a woman who posted something on a check -- festivals FaceBook site and she. I can't watch -- watch this she apparently. -- -- -- According to this video she drains that pint glass of beer through her -- according the way she looks in her -- is not a very pleasant experience. There have been coming here gradually AMP. It's finally got apparently after. This time. You know -- isn't real is the faith we don't know but I don't know stretch I hope. -- agreed today hey you know what they they say it's all connected on the inside that they'll grow -- how do you. She don't look like she's having a good time drinking a pint of beer at a gigabyte they are wanted to enjoy it -- 96. Yeah. That's it -- Living -- this so. That's right -- apparently moms are getting smarter in America I believe it now that packed into this and this study apparently they have found that lasts. The less educated with -- are having babies does that make sense probably not so here's the deal. More women who have at least a college some college degrees are the ones -- having babies 66% of women who are having babies have had on -- college education Justin. This isn't about an 1134%. Of moms in 2011. Had only a high school degree sell bonds in general are getting smarter and also means that the moms. Real or having babies. At least in some degree. -- -- We care education did just -- all right -- -- what I long to get smarter I guess that's exactly the point. This is kinda cool check out this astronaut whose name is commander Chris Hatfield who might be the most entertaining astronauts say goodbye from space -- And that is gone viral tonight he's Canadian. He currently has the record eleven million followers on Twitter and I think that number's gonna -- -- by the second -- What not bad pretty good rendition. But I like they had they had he made the most of his moment that it. Oklahoma parents are very quickly Saturday when he broke up with your girlfriend and what did you usually -- he got rid of a couple of teachers to burn the picture and that's that okay -- look now with FaceBook apparently the University of Colorado found that a third of people can't bring themselves at the burn the picture on taste of what to -- -- -- -- -- is and therefore they remain constant reminder -- but once again. Coming to remind us.

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{"id":19167569,"title":"Girl Chugs Beer With Her Ear: Online Hoax?","duration":"2:55","description":"Web video claims to show a Czech woman drinking a pint with her ear.","url":"/WNN/video/girl-chugs-beer-with-her-ear-possible-online-hoax-19167569","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}