'Glee' Star's Twitter Account Hacked

Post from Chris Colfer's account claimed the actor was let go from the show.
2:43 | 07/04/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Glee' Star's Twitter Account Hacked
And now -- an update in this giddy on -- police star Chris call -- he's not going anywhere -- copper got a -- was shot back getting -- tweet from his employer that he'd been let go from the show. -- -- out the sad news to his fans but it turns out this Twitter account had been hacked to help -- now says. It is in fact confirm for the next season and related. I love that column are of course has played any favorite part pummeled over the past five seasons and he is so -- I really does not have to check it -- -- nice to -- start next Katy Perry she isn't some hot. Holy water with a group of Christian musicians. Over her hit song dark horse and the Christian artists including Grammy winner rapper live -- -- -- dark horses actually Rick Fox. 2008 songs usually Illinois -- -- I don't lawsuit against Mary and her record label. -- and there are even accusing an area containing their song with the called lack. Associating with -- -- -- Mechanism in the human body imagery he Henderson -- group of church and talks about eight minutes and listen management. I'm and the perpetually troubled -- and is making some trouble for around the state where Republicans -- Is suing the makers of the video game Grand Theft Auto for. -- a ditzy character named. Lacey Kunis on her likeness and her voice. That scared scared even -- dashing out -- building into an -- way. Begging a ban on a motorcycle to help her dodge the -- Iraq. The maker of the game Take Two Interactive Software. Had no comment. And -- that it would have and we couldn't let this one go by without making a comment of our own. Actually the -- Trout notoriously smug about health and nutrition. Is apparently having in nature major change of heart she hosted a new blog on her website -- dot com. Taste testing from of all places that followed up around -- and that. And that's some of the snacks -- she said to have shout down include burgers grilled cheese pizza beef brisket sliders. Her estranged husband Chris Martin recently admitted he's no longer a vegetarian -- wonder she's picking out because of the. We're conscious -- -- I think that it was -- to decide to go there consciously decouple on couple Canadian. Going their separate ways including they split. But sort of it. Time now to check out an up and down on the birthday he had -- -- -- -- celebrity birthdays classic seventies singer songwriter -- whether he's not. 76 years old Geraldo Rivera seventy -- And Ugly Betty actress -- -- who turns thirty cents. Happy birthday every --

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{"id":24425814,"title":"'Glee' Star's Twitter Account Hacked","duration":"2:43","description":"Post from Chris Colfer's account claimed the actor was let go from the show.","url":"/WNN/video/glee-stars-twitter-account-hacked-24425814","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}