Hot Gadgets on Display at CES

GizWiz Dick DeBartolo shows off some new gadgets from the recent CES.
4:19 | 01/24/13

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Transcript for Hot Gadgets on Display at CES
We've seen a giant new TV says in the high tech forks and spoons from the Consumer Electronics Show -- Vegas but there were some other innovations unveiled in sin city they're definitely worth. Taking a look at as well also -- news whiz Dick DeBartolo is here to show them all off to us this morning good morning sir. -- I'm happy to beat back the advance. Right away from all the neon and yeah -- thank you all of the -- OK you don't have to Vegas for more than twenty years now you'll find out any many many CEO. Is but we -- some neat stuff there. -- -- this is from ace and this is called the chrome book. C seven so chrome books -- people who do a lot of apps work with Wi-Fi work with the Google apps so it's not exactly a computer or attempt. And lit. Bush if you working on the lot at stuff you want a full keyboard. You wanna scream boots up in seconds and it's under 200 box that's what -- the price cuts. Laptop that C seven he said sorry not fill up chrome book not -- -- OK so this guy is called -- -- -- So a lot of people jogging when he's on their on yeah so the armed pocket your cell phone goes here this is touch screen sensitive how -- you work your -- what -- -- wearing it. Then you put on -- on this way so that as you run you have a headlight. And for the best. You have a red light and you can push it again. And if you want extra safety you can have a flashing red light of current newsroom here for you credit cards in all of this stuff -- this I really like to yes so this is this is my galaxy the -- three. And this is -- case I got at the show. And what's neat about this case is it's called the swat sound -- you -- and opened. It can act as a stand nice kind of like the iPad and a little yes you're -- that. This also acts as -- So that it amplifies the sound from the little built in speakers. So -- -- additional batteries or any other and on. The little amplifier thing is built right into the case Smart and compact I'd like it and now this is very cool from environmental standpoint this deal that Lewis is called the Lilly sees it would see inflatable waterproof soul how Portland's and -- the solar cells there -- the sun. After about six would you get six to twelve hours of light tentative deal this is low so this is probably the twelve hours then that's -- and so that's probably six dollars and burned time. -- doesn't LEDs and there you can also have a linking. And then when you travel you just take that thought deflated. And it. Travel insurance all right that they can -- the sixteen dollars but cylinder got to have a deal where you'll pay more. But you'll get one and -- in the Third World country -- is very little power. Can have the gift of -- become a global calls behind it and it's obvious vice disable the energy bills absolutely not absolutely not that's the Lucy and if all of the construction out there like hey listen to this yes this has got to be for me this is called the local back in the slogan is we watch your back and think -- they do -- -- will back those around you waste is a little sensor. And -- here. Goes up against your -- lower back. And if you -- it starts vibrating. Yeah. You go -- shock therapy it yet but I think that we kept it at that -- -- it -- at the end of the day. You go way and you download it. How you did the entire day keep your stance after three now is what you slouch to those which Hoover -- actually had real quick here this -- -- this -- little guy why it's called charge caught so you. Get to the hotel have you left not yet you felt when you forgot the cable to charge caught this doesn't he -- this pops out. This is the conduct this little chocolate -- now. Is your cable. How very nice to any different really different travelers out there absolutely cause the cancer -- nice see you do good work in Vegas every year circle at Cleveland stuff -- -- -- little bit of money is wealth. Did that led him and I think -- is always for being here for more details on this product just go to -- a website gives -- -- -- days or check out our. FaceBook fan page WNN phantom dot com we'll be back for more you're watching world news them.

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{"id":18300224,"title":"Hot Gadgets on Display at CES","duration":"4:19","description":"GizWiz Dick DeBartolo shows off some new gadgets from the recent CES.","url":"/WNN/video/hot-gadgets-display-ces-18300224","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}