International Baby Making Day?

On average, more children are conceived on Dec. 11.
2:55 | 12/11/12

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Transcript for International Baby Making Day?
We knew we know moisture up to today and we're not at fault if you actually don't -- into the show. It is actually -- national and baby making -- yeah maybe. Bat studies are showing that September 16 police in the UK is the most popular birthday when you Trace it back forty -- because that's how long ride gestation period -- pregnancy is. December 11. More babies will be conceived today than any other day this year according to new research -- the most popular month for conception. And the ten most popular birdies in the UK Holland September they say -- -- -- for the season worth and that -- noon all the holiday parties and apparently there's a bit of -- drug of -- there's. Dizzy -- little effect -- Latin your swimmers apparently. You're swimmers sperm quality is higher in the cold. I did not know that he really didn't hire in the -- I would have gobbled up for the exact opposite -- they are my daughter was conceived didn't write about this time I -- -- you -- yeah. So what it was -- calendar today. I respect that. This -- is -- wild soon implement the media has been in the news a lot over the text that. Few the few weeks of all the you know political -- on the approving a marijuana will get this Tuesday of the University of Colorado. Older clad took advantage of real food Fridays and they brought something onto around these two there. Professor -- into the class and it did not go well three of the victims had to be hospitalized. The classic -- -- suffering from would you get imagine -- suffer from after some some pot laced brownies. What the professor -- is losing consciousness while growth that she thought she was gone and blacked out the other person will tell you about about the dot. It really didn't put it definitely helps -- what kinda it was must have been some strong stuff. But this actually could be a topic facing felony charges including assault and the second degree and -- consumption of controlled substances might fraudulent. To these two guys that don't go -- -- -- could face and criminal charges -- it -- class did not go -- on Friday in the. They -- -- the -- -- they were babies. Yes RA says certain people could get the White House Christmas card this year and on the cover is their -- -- with a little bit of a twist this year Bo is wearing. Plus -- venue as this is a grand -- was by. An artist and dim -- her name is cooler -- suddenly came came home. And if she center -- to the White House for consideration she ended up college is making need to call the surreal moment. Lure away and her reward -- gets to goad -- -- education -- -- her husband to the White House Christmas. Party -- go live this guy did not there was any went to the subway right before closing time employees and not appreciated so they put a little. Extra -- on his sandwich and put that picture ought to read it folks don't go to -- fast food joint moments before they close --

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{"id":17931101,"title":"International Baby Making Day?","duration":"2:55","description":"On average, more children are conceived on Dec. 11. ","url":"/WNN/video/international-baby-making-day-17931101","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}