Lindsay Lohan Finds Laughter in Post-Rehab Life

The actress is cracking jokes while guest hosting on TV show "Chelsea Lately."
3:33 | 08/05/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Lindsay Lohan Finds Laughter in Post-Rehab Life
I'm -- Lindsay Lohan apparently on the comeback trail. For this before but anyway she's doing a week for a Chelsea handler on her talk show and apparently the reviews from some of the people have seen the -- say that that she's pretty good she pokes fun at herself and she's -- -- broken funded other people as well let me got a clip muscles. He was questioned by the interviewer about rumors that he's bisexual with a DJ -- that had been there. It almost looks like that format -- -- -- Seven and -- according to people wrote this article refinery dot 29 dot com they say she almost had to go to herself on the states that. Anyway we hope that she comes back and she's been haven't a good time doing the show. Still on -- for entire week I will say this remember her so called big comeback when -- was on SNL. Yes and that wasn't too long ago and it wasn't much of a comeback a whole bunch of crazy stuff happened since then -- Movie out now maybe just yeah. But you know plus it would house he went after his -- always to be continuous Lindsay. All right so -- congress about Paris Hilton and now the -- rain if you not familiar with that the blame brings a group of teenage girls. We use the Internet to track down celebrities make sure they weren't home and and -- rob -- -- Really she had been a victim of the -- rain before and now she's been a victim of -- similar theft again or almost at that basically your home was ransacked I think teenagers. While she was having a big. -- injection tweeted about that fact that she was having a party which may have alerted people to see that. Her house was open aren't they when he ran -- -- except the and they got scared me through it down. That of -- or -- -- of -- we have some news about colleague Boris all that's right all of averaged. Former a lot love is that right here had made -- big announcement on Good Morning America and here's how she did it. The pregnant -- everybody got a resident out of me. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Eleven news read on Good Morning America and she lost her breath which is apparently did -- get occasional. Asthma which is that if you can't -- I don't -- it is sellout anyway congratulations to all of baby number three Hardaway -- -- -- Paulson is just the greatest person she's the greatest mom was so happy for her mastery -- -- huge fan -- I would watch this show what it would -- -- are different calls on currencies -- that to a small pop -- a lot more to -- legacy -- we can't really -- if anybody thought he could do -- head. -- Miley Cyrus is back that it can sexy again appearing in big John's new music video for fire this is all. Courtesy of us magazine but she's wearing that some fairly skimpy outfits that are going to see -- of those pictures there raising some eyebrows in the video -- a series of tweets. The 25 year old rapper -- you know explain why the twenty year old we can't stop singer was a perfect fit for the racy video we think. How I didn't new direction for Miley fact that haircut no doubt about it. Former Hannah Montana star pleased to the videos as well tweeting or fans at the video -- bank -- also much. Fire is going -- -- your name out -- talked to the associated press and it's been tough transition but she's doing it.

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{"id":19870381,"title":"Lindsay Lohan Finds Laughter in Post-Rehab Life","duration":"3:33","description":"The actress is cracking jokes while guest hosting on TV show \"Chelsea Lately.\"","url":"/WNN/video/lindsay-lohan-finds-laughter-post-rehab-life-19870381","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}