Nike Ad Defends Tiger Woods

Nike's ad about the No. 1 golfer in the world states that winning solves everything.
4:11 | 04/11/13

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Transcript for Nike Ad Defends Tiger Woods
Right after the -- the masters the crown jewel of golf starting up today. Tiger Woods again the number one ranked golfer in the world to Scott that status back so it's all come to -- -- right -- But there is some controversy -- -- of course a few weeks ago getting the number one maybe just a week ago getting the number one now ranking back. For the first time in so many years it's all -- controversy. So Nike puts out an -- -- show that -- we haven't. Basically says winning takes care of everything. While critics -- jumped on the message saying that the failed marriage and serial infidelity scandal prove that winning does not take care of everything tiger. Tiger and his defense says look I've been saying that quote all my career it's an old quote that Nike put out there. And people are jumping on it but he said I've been saying that since I first tone turned pro. He defends the quote. You know I I -- give -- -- break you know -- and I and I do and mussina -- a -- get. I got I've made some over he'd he'd be -- -- crime he got embarrassed she lost his marriage he lost millions and millions dollars. We'll play some golf and let him move on that 86 or anybody else. But it seems like that hat is referencing fastened well like I -- I can actually I can understand that in the end might not believe he's the smartest things you -- I agree can. OK so now let's talk about more. Relationship drama we were talking earlier in the week about Rihanna and Chris Brown -- there were reports that they broke up yet. Apparently not true so Rihanna. Put out this picture of -- cruise around in a convertible together. And done I guess Chris Brown was backstage -- in the VIP section of her concert in LA on Monday -- that's the same day that he's. He's rumors went -- so they're really trying to send a pretty strong message that. They -- happy and together and. Helene Chelsea -- it to be continued I guess all right Miranda Kerr sexy woman. Victoria's Secret model. Apparently she has been dumped because of a quote -- the -- reputation us weekly reporting that's 29 year old -- quote has a difficult reputation. He suggested that was the main reason she will no longer be walking the company star studded -- catwalk wearing those wins. You know no one has room and flags for deep minnesotans and that's what -- saying that she -- an eyewitness. More -- it would get to that dean does actually probably worked with the funeral I've worked you obviously didn't -- actively. To different kind of industry that get people to stick to keep their jobs so they're letting her go because she hasn't that attitude maybe that things that's the case. She's standing -- -- sends a message -- married to actor Orlando Bloom did not I didn't have a better he got. OK well talking about another hot day here Kate -- yes ordering -- -- of all of there was. A rumor that she was spotted kissing. Didn't say anything it ain't true you know -- -- -- that would probably appeal he wanted to. Credit that -- that you had no biggie right but he sent out a tweet saying attention all the media I don't even know Kate Upton personally I'm not dating her what's being reported it's not true. -- story what. Continues saying that's kind of funny -- here -- if you're in the headlines for kissing somebody and you never even -- you don't even know of and that's kind of -- race. -- Ryan Seacrest. The latest celebrity victim of swat -- you know this smarting thing it's a primarily kids are New York Times its kids anyway let's not always gets. But they tried to get -- swat teams and call out like as many police as they can. To some person's home. Just so they can watch and say they got the police all up in arms and then -- call -- all these phony crimes and and whatnot but apparently. Was the latest. Do you respond to a stars on this case Ryan Seacrest. And this is a big problem Tilton California actually proposing legislation to have greater consequences for people who put -- these -- of phone calls and they want that. -- McCain and nearly cost of sending swat teams. To these celebrities homes trying to think if there's anything interesting about the so yeah Friday's Selena Gomez and Justin Timberlake also victims of -- -- -- get out of control yeah.

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{"id":18930312,"title":"Nike Ad Defends Tiger Woods","duration":"4:11","description":"Nike's ad about the No. 1 golfer in the world states that winning solves everything.","url":"/WNN/video/nike-ad-defends-tiger-woods-18930312","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}