A Psychic's Last Laugh

A man owes over $200,000 in psychic bills, and gets arrested when she predicts he would confront her
2:54 | 05/29/13

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Transcript for A Psychic's Last Laugh
I. All of us have higher I'm going to second car actually gone into effect to get these winds -- life threatening not to let a man I thought about. They're never gone never gone -- about about it okay well -- that means staying in the is Jose -- he happens to be news is the manager of the very popular Spanish soccer team out in Spain. He went to with aids like -- -- he is going to -- and -- racked up 2121000. Dollars for a little ones back home. Which by the way he did in war 2121000. Dollars and added. In the beginning of this story. Anyway didn't work to sell what what do you do you -- that much money and it doesn't work he'll ask for a refund. Turns out the psychic his gloves and a -- apparently is pretty good at predicting the future and you -- -- she called police and you downton. Or could predict down to the minute witness Jose within a return to her home and ask -- great fun. The police and him arrived at the same time -- Apparently. He was arrested along with his cohorts. And the money was seized -- a court case because he's apparently -- this woman. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't have my sympathy for anybody doles out 200 home values and buck's loves the hospital until I -- for like fifty grant. South Korea for 200 -- -- holiday. -- wins this is not a bad. Check out -- a picture -- -- at a Texas wildlife. Sanctuary. This is what set and the Colorado and they are. According to their the first -- -- also weighed 95 pounds warning happy tall and the second more -- Mercado way to 125 pounds five and a half feet tall. Twin -- a very rare -- -- mothers usually don't have enough -- -- the being watched and everything and this is a rare thing this is only the second set of living. Draft twins in the US born in captivity ninth set in zoos around the world. -- -- deserves. Little treat for -- he. -- -- -- Isn't this is clinics and filled by -- -- So this is of -- -- ignorant Golden Retriever called Ray Charles this guy is five months old he's the most adorable thing he's taking them and I -- -- You can see why I had just different pictures of him doing -- thing that John. Why not is -- -- let him warming glass. Is another like him more than start times so he has a FaceBook page he'd like -- -- take in -- by storm. 191000. Friends apparently and so here's the back -- really -- so -- owner apparently. -- -- in February a friend texted saying that a reader might put him down because of his condition while she says she was and what happened -- is thrilled they voted that you are back home. She took the men's and they are happily ever butter doesn't have now taking a -- features you know rich whole age Carl. The triangle orange order from the area -- here.

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{"id":19277414,"title":"A Psychic's Last Laugh","duration":"2:54","description":"A man owes over $200,000 in psychic bills, and gets arrested when she predicts he would confront her","url":"/WNN/video/psychics-laugh-19277414","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}