Put Down the Phone and Focus on the Food

The new Napkin Table forces eaters to focus on the food and each other.
2:57 | 06/03/14

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Transcript for Put Down the Phone and Focus on the Food
All right it's time for the mix our first story here for you a wet -- nasty in the table. Check this out. Apparently we've gotten so anti social checking our phones I constant basis former dining with each other. That somebody's invented this -- table that means you have to focus. -- dining companion in the world. Now it didn't -- it says something that definite about about what's happening. Can call during meals I -- it looks completely impractical if I'd. It's a chiropractors dreams I heard somebody say overlooking that -- Earlier and -- lineup just turn off your fault as the power -- serious but rather than -- -- right. Let bad and a ridiculous. -- is -- is -- the number Tucson in the country. Not. Straights all right well it gets a little very cool viral video -- -- -- live that treatment did deadly and treatment check out this little girl has. No containment -- -- -- and and bring in any. -- -- -- Pretty good right now like over the top that's how long that would since then you're like -- -- -- -- -- that's -- easy. Yeah daddy daughter -- yeah. Serious thought that you don't let this putting everything dad really strongly recommend ten I think he. -- Bob I think events that are right. Marijuana coffee chillingly conveyed to win -- I remember that expressed a long time they get paramedic now recognizing reality. -- your morning -- -- -- a little more marijuana coffee coming to the state of Washington the products promising consumers caffeinated buzz. Food opinion brownie. Maybe Oregon with fast so I'm not a business DHZ in the coffee. I guess so -- I don't know what about a. OK I want to last video and I don't have a lot to say about this but it's it's an awesome video checked out. That is -- Going around in circles how -- is that. It's gone viral right now can only assume that -- humanitarian eventually stopped the car don't and how long they told the court didn't even go around in circles. I'm just -- -- -- he had. This is like one of the things parents did it put kids in strollers and something moving -- -- -- Harding and defiantly -- it's easy admitted that they can sleep well enough alone. Having an enemy fire -- on different planes trains and automobiles for herself and while many years to come -- -- him. More news coming up from ABC -- her back everybody it.

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{"id":23969847,"title":"Put Down the Phone and Focus on the Food","duration":"2:57","description":"The new Napkin Table forces eaters to focus on the food and each other.","url":"/WNN/video/put-phone-focus-food-23969847","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}