The Secret to Success in Business: Be Like a Woman

Women and men who try to be more sensitive and detail oriented, like a woman, go further.
1:52 | 05/07/13

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Transcript for The Secret to Success in Business: Be Like a Woman
All right it is it time for the mix I'm -- story. Playing here. Like about women and men and the workplace apparently -- secret of six -- It's behaves like a woman. Now we'll -- like a woman what does that say to you what that means he'll. I don't really know -- say this I think women are more. Detail oriented think they did work they work very hard. There tomorrow with female characteristics kind and sensitive types are more likely to do well in the -- mrs. As a result of a survey 64000. People across the world were asked about their attitudes of success at work. Then they -- at this. Then it's the -- half of northeast female characteristics researches say that feminine values. We're taking over from the 20% Saturday kinder and gentler. Keep that in mind and you'll go in go -- -- right to. Kind of talk about families what do you think the number of our kids is the most stressful and would you think that the more -- you have the more stressed out yeah. Everybody would. Apparently the number three is the magic number for the most stress on a -- that doesn't suppressing that's what exactly right wolf but apparently three is when you're outnumbered -- -- -- A lot of yes and they say it's really hard -- The -- kid shows up parents apparently according to study let go they realize they can't be these perfect parents. And they sort of relax it would gets almost easier as the cozying up to raise yourself and what a family come from a family of seven I think we got a picture and get a check out -- Iraq. 1970 there I'm all the way on the left. But my sister -- who actually got cropped out she's left of me. We have we have five -- or she raised -- seemed to twins yes it's -- left who's left of me. I really over care for the babies while my mom care for everybody else that honestly -- -- -- -- you know day.

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{"id":19123050,"title":"The Secret to Success in Business: Be Like a Woman","duration":"1:52","description":"Women and men who try to be more sensitive and detail oriented, like a woman, go further.","url":"/WNN/video/secret-success-business-woman-19123050","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}