Single Mom Doesn't Tip

A receipt from a single mom at a restaurant makes the rounds after refusing to tip.
3:00 | 11/06/12

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Transcript for Single Mom Doesn't Tip
Wright says is the typical. Tradition when you've got a restaurant -- to tip the waitress or the waiter about what 1520%. -- -- Well this precinct that was originally posted on -- -- -- is making the rounds and kind of the sparking some fury from waitresses and single moms and what -- said it was single mom sorry exceeded filled with a 138 dollars the tips. Not -- single -- Sorry there she said thank you if it was great south. Of course is invoking some emotion. One poster said I'm -- 140 dollars could have -- viewing your kids a week's worth of groceries instead you spend that one meal for shame. But then there's another woman who responded fast -- actually as a blocker. -- -- -- which -- a mommy let's say she says it's completely possible that somebody just wanted to be in jerk blame -- -- single moms. She's is -- to the more I think about it how anybody would do this to Reuters the more I think it's likely that this is just a very awful prank. To make single moms look really really -- I was. If you. Forty bucks for a -- certainly you can afford you know what you have been one of 28 -- -- tips I mean that. That's that's evil that's crazy you know what it -- well -- waiters and waitresses depend very hard jobs and do not make a -- and so. The level of those tips along and I waitress stents to web rantmaster may -- -- two dollars an hour and then everything that we got on top of that with our salaries -- -- look to see you. Jackson -- -- there's a good job market and that it was something you -- -- that. It gets quick study by. The quick study -- -- repeating this is getting closer to Election -- this -- more than. 52% of Americans. Please stay up past -- normal bedtime my viewers to watch the returns 24 over some Americans will stay up three hours or more past the normal bedtime I think we're in that category on average Americans will stay up one point six hours later tonight to watch those returns. Come -- tonight hoping it wouldn't really know what to get past all the partisan crap letting people get -- actually this is a genuine suspense this year I think that's. We regardless of -- over let's all do one thing together and let's vote yes and make sure that you vote which issues under pressure -- take -- shower. The address later this. Sarah just show what the elbow and had no right to say anything the next forty years that matter who wins so played -- and don't vote enjoy this. It well.

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{"id":17649895,"title":"Single Mom Doesn't Tip","duration":"3:00","description":"A receipt from a single mom at a restaurant makes the rounds after refusing to tip.","url":"/WNN/video/single-mom-tip-17649895","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}