South Korean Meal Companion Becomes Viral Video

A woman in South Korea makes more than $9,000 a month by eating her meals online.
3:00 | 01/29/14

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Transcript for South Korean Meal Companion Becomes Viral Video
Welcome back time now for the next -- we -- telling you we love stories about food time I love this story and I think I found my. Future career really not passing -- okay. OK so this woman in South Korea makes -- 9000 dollars a month. Eating people hate to go online and watch her eat just -- -- -- -- I mean it's a big spread it's pretty impressive. But that's what she she's just sit there and eat your food people paper subscription should be able to sign in and see -- -- and they think it's because. And a quarter of households and there are occupied by just one individual to kind of bring the idea of eating eating -- -- -- -- -- -- this used to be a hobby for her but she says she makes enough money she quit her day job that isn't what she does now we. Let somebody -- don't you get some of the food as she send you the food. Great question I know there's no way she can eat -- feeds and we just sit there and watching -- talk about that Ellis OK here about the story. Girl -- they have a new -- coming out and it is gluten free I love this front they're calling the cooking it's going on twenty selected markets. It's called the chocolate chip short -- right look at that he looks great doesn't it. -- made with real chocolate chips and real butter but it has no artificial flavors colors no high fructose corn -- No palm oil I don't even really know what that is and no hydrogenated oils I -- that sounds good morning Arlington -- -- -- -- all the eloquent statement. If you -- about the -- that doesn't always and it's hard to find gluten free food for people have analogies that are perfectly good. Perfect Eisenhower and move -- 1180. -- and apparently delta does steal it of those in flight videos telling you I'll -- -- Yeah OK yeah. So good I love you an idea -- this one might top them all you gotta -- a look at says he'd be sure Algerian items are -- -- -- -- had been. And please smaller items under the -- -- The depot half I have one of those. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They hear outside -- tell the way -- we like hairspray our hair out -- only maximum volume and that was my sweater from the age caballero did dance moves. -- that alpha makes an appearance Teddy -- -- all lanes so many great eighties references says a little extra -- -- That OK -- more for you how about this insane movie props you can. Can buy right on eBay. Let's show you a few of the -- approximate actual movie remember the movie hook that's Robin Williams costume from the movie -- -- -- -- because this is all about. The poker chips to be like ocean's twelve that -- Not idling trucks have a path that I -- and then look at this OK the horror from the Titanic. 11100 dollars but I didn't price that's right.

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{"id":22278706,"title":"South Korean Meal Companion Becomes Viral Video","duration":"3:00","description":"A woman in South Korea makes more than $9,000 a month by eating her meals online.","url":"/WNN/video/south-korean-meal-companion-viral-video-22278706","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}