A Store That Specializes in Everything for the Bedroom

High-end beds, blankets, pajamas and even sex toys make going to bed more fun.
3:00 | 11/26/13

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Transcript for A Store That Specializes in Everything for the Bedroom
-- -- that -- thing going through these days that's something about saying yeah. Now that's right now tensions are not so got into this next story may help we want to show you shop here in New York City that offers everything a sleep deprived person could dream up. And sleep and have a dream here's ABC's making Batiste. It doesn't -- -- a store devoted to sleep. But sleep studio feels more like -- nighttime spot. Twenty million people have difficulties the business is great Michael -- -- says the motto here is sleep beautifully. If you do indulge in the stores custom -- -- and -- blankets lingerie and caffeine free chocolate you might never get out of bed. Most people necessarily think. -- -- -- something I have found that. Have fun and that wish I have to ask about do you have some high end sex -- here for -- -- the whole -- I noticed they're not play very discreetly placed throughout. The stores broken up into four areas awaken refreshed relax and dream. With products specific to each circadian rhythms -- says trait teller for -- -- aromatherapy spray. -- -- Smells smells like. -- Most of these items do not come cheap. Comfy -- -- is for 450 dollars pillows for nearly 700 and a blanket for just under 3000 dollars. Do you think about what people spend on handbags and shoes. And what's more and more important subpoenas from the third of your life on pond in your sleep system. The store specialty at a starting price of 5000 isn't that -- just for you with -- -- -- just from soft to firm this system as a sort of suspension for your mattress. There's a motor actually built into the frame which will raise. The -- and the head -- typically like to sleep this plan. Lap of luxury absolutely I tried it myself. This is sort of -- zero gravity position where there's no weight and pressure on your back. He used to this. So what Mike Taylor mattress silk pajamas and a Cashmere wrote this just may be my best beauty sleep yet we keep Batiste ABC news New York. And it brings us to our FaceBook question of the day we want to know what is your secret to a good night's sleep log onto our FaceBook page and -- -- Common shares tips unless -- you're starring Tim -- anyway. I -- you have to have a comfortable -- comfortable enough pillow but I don't think really anything extravagant makes the difference as long as it's not uncomfortable. You know they got all these like sleep number beds and and soon or what's the -- that goes up and down and probably original liner by gangs and now 5000 dollar bed at 3000 dollar -- what if your body is not working -- -- falling asleep there's nothing around DA can artificially help in red lives. -- -- --

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{"id":21013629,"title":"A Store That Specializes in Everything for the Bedroom","duration":"3:00","description":"High-end beds, blankets, pajamas and even sex toys make going to bed more fun.","url":"/WNN/video/specialty-bedroom-store-highend-beds-blankets-21013629","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}