Stars Shine at the Last State Dinner

Gwen Stefani, Jerry Seinfeld, Chance the Rapper, and Frank Ocean were among the A-list celebrities in attendance at President Obama's final state dinner.
3:50 | 10/19/16

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Transcript for Stars Shine at the Last State Dinner
So let's start our Wednesday morning skinny with the long list of celebrities who are on parade at last night's White House state dinner Gwen Stefani rocks the crowd of more than 400 on the south all last night. Belting out some of her greatest hits yeah Chilton was here with her as well. At among the high powered talent in the audience frank ocean. You see in there and chance the rapper who treated. Gwen Stefani just saying to me at the White House and pointed at me brow and dead. I think he said it just like that Jerry's and that's right to inject some humor into the evening joking orange juice but we identify actually Alyeska. And last but not least the dress the dress did you see the dress Michelle Obama. It's a custom rose gold chain. Mail down from Versace. Chain milled down from both sides. That is. Again slid third. Blake a liquid. I love when you have Jerry bashing Kathy sixties. Did it to clean up and if you all very good number and it's amazing that all I think this series as say the Grail adjusted. Livid in liquid copper. Does very natural death certificate right next to sing god sightings to a member of the ABC Bentley clearly target about scandals starter Washington and her football player husband. Now the ass mood who have welcomed their second child the baby boy according to it is the couple has named their son Caleb collect cheek. They already have a two year old daughter named Isabel. It's too bad they're not a pretty Kumble and off. Better and it's really commit a case in little Kaelin was reportedly born back on October 5. Washington and her husband are notoriously private about their personal lives and often don't even want the red carpet together. We say congratulations. And congratulations though as well in order for the class of 2017. For the rock and roll hall of fame. So they can't list includes quite a few relatively new artists as well as the old veterans think that Jenna Jack finally there's been turned in the past but no way. He went on a campaign about that I. Well it was a fact that there are connected on the left enough about the pets smoke. Pearl Jam. And the late Jude classic horrible it's marks the first year that you thought is eligible and it is conducted they'll become just the sixth rapper or rap group to be honored by the museum. Among some of the older names. Yes. The zombies. These Electric Light Orchestra Joan Baez there and this at least Disco group. Marking their eleventh. Nomination. Currently eligible for nomination a musician or that group must have released their first single or album at least 25 years ago. This year's top vote getters will be announced December and inducted next April at a ceremony at the park space center's. In Brooklyn so just to give you perspective on that that means that two top release its first album. 25 years ago all at least 25 years ago. Jeff and Janet made it finally. Yeah. It could and Canada the campaign trail the data did it and finally to a heart warming anniversary surprise spread doubt. For a new future hall of Famer her long term partner Simon connect he. The with whom she shares a three year old son surprised her with an incredibly romantic gesture for their fifth anniversary. He personally penned messages on thousands of pieces of paper used as confetti that fell on Harland and her concert Monday night confetti that showers the audience at the end of each show is usually wind posting a song lyric on each piece for this time. All of that said I love you you were an Angel happy.

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{"id":42901644,"title":"Stars Shine at the Last State Dinner","duration":"3:50","description":"Gwen Stefani, Jerry Seinfeld, Chance the Rapper, and Frank Ocean were among the A-list celebrities in attendance at President Obama's final state dinner. ","url":"/WNN/video/stars-shine-state-dinner-42901644","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}