Stuntman Jumps off a Roof

Viral video shows a stuntman jumping off of a roof.
2:54 | 07/31/14

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Transcript for Stuntman Jumps off a Roof
Welcome back to the next you know there's an incredible -- pro video footage going viral overnight -- a stunt. The stop them professional sound and Chicago -- -- from multiple people want. Not only did he leap from the -- life down. The other -- -- out -- well on the railing into the slide I incredible let's think this is even -- 60000. Views. To me it's the landing on the railing that does only how to do that without hurting yourself absolutely nothing else. Eddie was OK you'll probably be okay he's a program -- -- -- cupcake. And I -- -- I would either. Yet there have been so many people re doing India -- video happy but I think the the -- for senior citizens and New Zealand's highest in the -- look at this. -- -- This is gracechurch New Zealand it's got one point eight million -- to -- -- senior citizens there. Put don't -- -- the bill the video happy needs of the residents of the Diana -- retirement village and I think they -- know how to get. Look back gospel choir look at that I'd give Bennett a senior home lately in any kind of down places people having a hard time. She smiled might move in their death -- -- -- -- -- infectious -- -- -- you become a baby. Coming up there have been so many charities start moving on now this thing just has me -- -- -- this isn't. A bank out of -- a candidate TD bank you've heard of Toronto dominion they have set up ATM machines as automatic banking machines for their customers. It is surprising them -- -- from flowers to tickets travel to. You name it. They capture all of this on video it's going viral are good for them you know -- obviously the -- you -- -- that would react to make will be points that would be your waving pay. -- -- your return -- thank you very much. What I want -- -- meet the man was probably a lot yes. Guy alive -- it take a look at this man and name is Robert Hamilton that Indianapolis. And he's won a million dollar lottery to -- -- two times over just -- -- a couple months. Acting neighborly got a million dollars and that he's just recently got another million playing to scrap -- -- -- yeah its. It's can you believe that it's the -- 120 million dollar cash spectacular scratch -- he calls is just icing on the cake. And the first round and -- apple is financial obligations by the house which hasn't did do -- now he says you can have 500 rob didn't quit his job the first time around. But it did now through million dollars that that's the next there was.

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{"id":24785304,"title":"Stuntman Jumps off a Roof","duration":"2:54","description":"Viral video shows a stuntman jumping off of a roof.","url":"/WNN/video/stuntman-jumps-off-roof-24785304","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}