Trouble Getting Around in the Snow? Introducing the Electric Sled

A Canadian invents a battery-powered all-terrain sled.
3:00 | 02/20/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Trouble Getting Around in the Snow? Introducing the Electric Sled
Right next time let's stick with the snow -- and does show you a new vehicle Canadian inventiveness one that his name is. And it runs about 130 miles in distance before running out of batteries. -- right does that affect change yeah. -- conclusion Carr obviously got out but apparently can carry one or two people. And is an all terrain. -- Man don't get that guys play coming pretty cool and is very cool -- this might be even cooler so yesterday I was all about the snowballing. I found something else I wanted to -- you gotta check this out this is called a slow roller coaster. -- in mid July and it goes down and then land on -- -- and then they have this whole sledding course mapped out. This is traded by DeVon Supertramp -- -- Powell -- how to think and this is how they should start. -- Olympic luge event. -- everything. This actually looks kind of thought this might keep my mind my extreme moments here it -- at the flick set up my beef but they but the -- I imagine that's lovable -- -- on the that's -- -- that -- Also better than -- Yeah -- a bungee -- might not consider that one. All right moving right along. Into these eating contest with the people like down food really crazy pastor that I love food I cannot stand watching a hot -- you know about chipotle burrito. Eating contest. Man there check -- -- down. Four of these burritos in three minutes home life that doesn't even tell tale he's competitive -- on -- -- -- books and -- Matt studies his name and he did in three minutes when he when he -- -- downed two chicken and tuna steak -- by the way to Washington gallon Diet Coke. And seven -- -- 701000. Calories three just -- Kurds to watch because he just didn't want general labor freedom began his -- and stadiums covering resentment. Did you feel after wonderfully -- -- so yeah yeah imagine doing that over and over again three. So I am all about romantic creative look marriage proposals this is. The most original one that I see in the -- created a movie trailer excited by a movie trailer he's got. Aliens predator is not means storm troopers every -- Showed it to his girlfriend to open like that so much that it's now -- -- -- she said yes. This is -- sort of thing here to. A lot of -- feet -- people involved and he's -- guy goes into moral mobile home.

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{"id":22595416,"title":"Trouble Getting Around in the Snow? Introducing the Electric Sled","duration":"3:00","description":"A Canadian invents a battery-powered all-terrain sled.","url":"/WNN/video/trouble-snow-introducing-electric-sled-22595416","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}