Victoria Beckham Writes a Letter to Her 18-Year-Old Self

In the February issue of British Vogue, Victoria Beckham opens up about her body image and expresses regret over her plastic surgery.
3:02 | 01/12/17

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Transcript for Victoria Beckham Writes a Letter to Her 18-Year-Old Self
We're gonna say the skinny with the revelation by Victoria Beckham. The 42 year old model and former spice girl is opening up about her changing looks over the years. In a letter written to her eighteen year old self for British vogue now revealed in its entirety. So posh tells her teenage self about. Regrets she now has about altering her body image. She wrote quote learn to embrace your imperfections. And added we don't mess with your boobs just celebrate. What do you Beckham now married seventeen years of course to. Former soccer star David Beckham also advise her younger self on how to stay happily married by having patients. Biting your tongue being supported. And preserving a bit of mystique you are never getting that did yeah of those who. Nice today steamy new ad campaign. So we're talking about pop record Joseph Jonas who is now the new face of guess underwear alongside Charles Kinney of course. And yet in the music he's shown up not only the magic of perfect lighting but carefully applied body quail are paid so. We'll do you yeah yeah. No I. Think of them as being a little teenagers that he heading to maybe get that hurt my head or Christian rockers appreciate these photos but you have. Remember in two years ago his brother Nick Jonas made a splash in want to magazine in tribute to Mark Wahlberg famous Calvin Klein underwear campaign. So well what's brother wears it better org or doesn't. Doesn't Wear it better better that's our unscientific poll of the day at ABC WNN on Twitter. Joseph are neck. It's very important journalism where he can't resilience is actually came from Brian Ross are to email this question can you please ask that. Nextel pricing of bubbles some people might say. Jewelry for Jenny from the block when some people I don't know. The source is that confirms to people that Jennifer Lopez in this snapshot that she shared an insecure and is rocky and necklace given to her. By. Joseph rake. Okay some some demons platinum and diamond Tiffany Victorian necklace is rumored to have at costs that outline billing rapper Kool 100000 dollars. She reportedly flashed it at Jake's New Year's Eve concert in Las Vegas. And finally to a slippery start to the new year for meek mill. Lucky for arrest caught on camera so he had just broken up with his girlfriend Nikki me not to when the hip hop star took a major tumble down ice covered stairs. Wolves. It's you. Commitment and then it the best part you can hear him laughing at him his us again while he's watching it. That he's having the worst decade ever do not yeah I did a good sport about. They didn't have to put fifty shared it he's laughing it up its Ritter the last thing cracked. Team meat meat meat milk wouldn't make.

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{"id":44728860,"title":"Victoria Beckham Writes a Letter to Her 18-Year-Old Self","duration":"3:02","description":"In the February issue of British Vogue, Victoria Beckham opens up about her body image and expresses regret over her plastic surgery. ","url":"/WNN/video/victoria-beckham-writes-letter-18-year-44728860","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}