Viral Video Encourages People to Not Watch Viral Videos

5-minute video features a poem and encourages people to put their phones away and live life.
2:58 | 05/06/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Viral Video Encourages People to Not Watch Viral Videos
Our government of the tournament circuit viewing a viral video as we continue to enjoy a delicious secret many I don't -- -- I don't know. Directly got really need at this hour -- -- It's a viral video about viral videos and the negative impact that being on your phone Smartphones can follow lose all kinds a little do that you that we have now can be to your relationships take a look at. The brilliantly done to. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- and exercise you'll be productive presence in the -- -- in place. Giving away and -- -- continue -- to -- so when you're in public and you start -- alone in the hands behind heads in Hawaii from the -- He didn't need to stand -- -- -- you -- released just two to one another learn to currency. But Constance -- They have -- his name is Gary -- He's reciting a pump like -- -- of the negative impact of social media on -- interactions of being your funding computer then here's -- tablets and all of that it's about five minutes long. It's a love story with a little bit of a -- in the end and essentially what he says -- stopped watching this video. Lived life the real way he does make dinner that can go out and play -- the backyards cats stop with the possible around some. But. We've seen a lot of twins reunited you know separated at birth they get reunited there with great stories in -- -- mr. -- -- you'll -- -- But anyway this -- particularly good not as good as you step -- yourself a distraught. Neither -- seven knee hit eight year old these sisters who were separated at birth 78 years ago -- finally reunited -- hunt and Elizabeth Campbell. Last together in the mother's womb. Reunited for the first time in fourteen California. The double legal hot -- and England have molybdenum war again they were both born in England in 1936 it's a long story. But after 78. Years these sisters for -- you now operating on Ecstasy. Mom gave rats get one of them up for adoption rain shedding a one up the other one had a slight curvature of the spine she would be hard to adopt her so she decided she -- -- And yet. But district -- -- such great stories that we're switching to something that's just really incredibly cool check that I have helicopter half airplane. It's just a prototype although it it -- full scale prototype. It's a company it's calling it's been asked to look. And essentially take some helicopters and it doesn't really need. I just did a lot that really doesn't need it landing strip for anything but then once it's -- all those little propeller that you see all the incidents flight is just like an airplane it is. -- -- Can I show you these alleged dumb criminal today so I'm still just charged Dunwoody Georgia demon Tobias exhumed thirty dollars -- play there. He's charges being dropped slammed into a patrol car. Then the police pull a ball over his first thing though -- -- and the licensee and the officer -- -- thing -- noticed it.

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{"id":23601544,"title":"Viral Video Encourages People to Not Watch Viral Videos","duration":"2:58","description":"5-minute video features a poem and encourages people to put their phones away and live life.","url":"/WNN/video/viral-video-encourages-people-watch-viral-videos-23601544","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}