The New Champion ... by a Nose

A new viral video shows the world record holder for nose typing.
3:00 | 03/06/14

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Transcript for The New Champion ... by a Nose
Time now for the next. I do not know how a person discovers that they have this talent but there -- a guy who now holds the world record. We're -- with his nose you've -- yeah I give it a try to. Mathieu back -- you want to tell -- that I I have to go back that I. So this guy I -- hundred in three -- -- -- -- 47 point four -- second city and -- every single letter correctly no tight -- I can't even do that when I -- saying linger in the evening that it knows you have an exact ready. The old record of the minute and 33 seconds and so this guy is is that I give it a try again -- the laptop he had. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I think you -- challenges. Yeah did you really I had -- resurrect and later be able -- like him but it will be that -- lifting up. -- moving right along take a look at this -- video of a verdict in. Tanzania. That washed up on the beach well he was or -- -- -- parents who didn't how to fly. People like this nice man tried teach him by Jews simulating flight mobile home eventually rehab. And the attached to go okay. The infamous go for a camera right there to his bill. That is the office just awesome. -- it -- himself we ever had checked -- out I love that I love the stuff it would at all Limbaugh he's doing great really cool. Still up. I won't ask for what kind of insane things you have done after you've had a few. Cocktails but hopefully it -- nothing to this extreme -- this guy from California went to -- around the time of the super ball and got. Admittedly blackout drunk. -- half a million dollars from a casino. Betting on a Super Bowl and lots remember anything that -- I got -- in slalom and that all key is suing. The casino for lending him the money because say they he says that they should have known that he was too drunk and there is a lie in Nevada. Barring. The that keeps them in the -- from allowing people to gamble and it had too much to drink so he says they should get an and the money they just stopped dumb and he wouldn't be in the valuation. All right Tony -- the famous -- -- that guy had a man that few other people recreating something pretty awesome from back to the future of the movie to hover board member of that -- things that report think hectic boxes on. Is that awesome. -- the viral video that clearly from behind this but it clearly had some cash to get big names. Like Tony -- and Christopher ward -- part of -- -- played doc brown. And yet clearly not a -- a board because doesn't exist yet. Probably will someday but that is included articles are essential -- cool special effects laugh all I won't want -- for Christmas. But I can't let stuff -- kids -- bring it.

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{"id":22795444,"title":"The New Champion ... by a Nose","duration":"3:00","description":"A new viral video shows the world record holder for nose typing.","url":"/WNN/video/world-record-typing-nose-22795444","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}