Husband-Wife Team Rides 'Sunshine' to Oscars


"We think life is very funny. And the way things really happen in life are usually this great mixture of painful truths and irony and…" Dayton saaid before his wife interjects, "Just the messiness and the completely out-of-control nature of a family is what's both funny and moving to us."

You have to wonder, and every interviewer asks, how do they spend all their working and personal lives together? Aren't they ready to kill each other by the end of the day?

Dayton: "We argue all the time."

Faris: "Yeah, we disagree, but we're pretty good to each other."

Dayton: "You know you have to. … The one thing about our relationship is because our lives are so totally intertwined, it forces you to be good -- because if you're bad to your partner, you can't escape."

Although their movie is nominated for an Oscar, Dayton and Faris are not nominated as directors. It's somewhat of a disappointment to them, but…

Dayton: "Our film is really about, on one level, not getting wrapped up in life's beauty pageant. So were definitely honored to have the film nominated, but to get too engrossed in the…

Faris: "The competition, anyway would be sort of hypocritical."

Dayton: "I have a career that I love, a wife that I love, a partner that I love…"

Faris: "We're very lucky right now. … I don't want to think about winning or losing, because we feel like we've won."

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