Bill Weir Takes Your Questions About Kiribati

Answer: I was there two weeks ago, and I hope to be back with my family someday. Your island is beautiful, with the most curious, playful children I've ever met.

Question: My father was stationed on Christmas Island in WWII, and he would be sad to hear of this as it was a place very dear to him. I was just researching this island last night so it is very poignant to see this story tonight. Thanks for your work, I have always wanted to visit this island my father spoke of so often. I guess I better hurry. Thanks. -- Rob

Answer: You can still see the rusted tanks and Japanese bunkers on Tarawa. I didn't make it to Christmas Island, but I understand your Dad's fondness.

Question: Dear Mr. Weir: This evening's report from Kiribati was very interesting to my husband and I as our daughter Patricia has been serving in the Peace Corps in Kiribati for the past 2 years. She lives on the island of Beru, which is southeast of Tarawa. We have had limited contact in the past 2 years and Patricia has written to us of the global warming issues. She is very concerned that her beloved island friends will be displaced in a very few years. This was the first very good video we have seen of the island and her way of life. Thank you for your interesting coverage. -- Eugenia

Answer: Thank you … and I hope you'll all watch next Monday's report from Zambia. You'll never think of childbirth the same way again.

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