Transcript: Alleged Al Qaeda Tape Warns of New Attacks

So don't believe Bush and Blair when they tell you we shall win and they shall not. ...; because Allah has given the lie to their claim, when he said (in Arabic)… "Allah has decreed: It is I and my messengers who shall prevail for Allah is strong, mighty and who is truer to his word than Allah?" Don't believe the lies of the liars at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and 10 Downing Street. They have dispatched your sons and daughters to die lonely deaths in the burning deserts of Iraq and the unforgiving mountains of Afghanistan, not to protect you, but to protect their personal interests and those of their cronies and the ruling classes.

If they really had your protection in mind, they would have heeded the mujahedeen's demands for justice and withdrawn from the Muslim world. If they really cared about protecting you, they would have responded positively to Sheik Osama's proposal for a truce with the European nations, instead of arrogantly dismissing his initiative with the false claim that quote, "We don't negotiate with terrorists, and that in any case, al Qaeda has no demands to meet."

Today, you, the people of Europe are paying the price for the arrogance of your leaders. If their goal was your protection, they would not continue to level fabricated allegations against the mujahedeen whenever your overpaid intelligence services fail to prevent an operation on your soil. If your leaders really cared about anything other than protecting their own wealth, status and positions, then they wouldn't attempt to hide the real reasons for our operations by telling you that we are bloodthirsty sadists, who kill out of mere hatred of freedom and the Western way of life.

If the leaders of the West really cared about the truth and transparency, they would not feign ignorance of decades of Western interference in Muslim affairs and the tyranny and oppression experienced by the people of Islam as a result of that interference. If Bush and Blair really cared about the freedom of the Iraqi people, they would not have propped up the tyrant Saddam for nearly two decades. If your leaders really respect (inaudible) the Muslims they would not be doing everything in their power to corrupt our religion and separate the Muslims from their faith while killing all those who refuse apostasy and humiliation. If your leaders really cared about your protection, they would have long since restored our security instead of continuing to rape, pillage and plunder the lands of Islam without so much as an ounce of shame or compunction.

It is clear from what we have just explained that you, the people of the West, now have two mutually exclusive paths from which to choose. Rid yourself of your current leaders and governments and their anti-Islam, anti-Muslim policies or suffer the consequences. Rise up against your leaders -- crusaders beholden to Zion who claim to be ruling according to popular will -- yet ignore opinion polls and two- million-strong marches. Rise up against them and replace them with leaders who serve the interests of their peoples instead of their own egos, wallets and bank accounts. Consider this: If Slobodan Milosevic was overthrown by his people for prosecuting a decade of unnecessary war against the interests of the nation, then Bush and Blair, who embroiled in a never-ending war against what they call terror, are infinitely worse than Milosevic.

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