Data Shows Shift in Violent Deaths at U.S. Schools

While the number of violent deaths at U.S. schools is declining, there has been a slight shift in who is being killed.

In 1992, of the 57 violent deaths at schools, 34 were juveniles and 23 were adults. In 2001-2002, there were 31 violent deaths at schools -- 14 youths and 17 adults.

In 1994, 1 in 9 teachers reported being victims of crime at school. In 1999, 1 in 6 reported being victims.

In general, however, violent deaths at schools decreased between 1992 and 2001, according to the Department of Justice School Crime and Safety Report (2003).

Officials said today an assistant principal was killed and two other administrators wounded in a shooting at Campbell County High School in Jacksboro, Tenn.

ABC News affiliate WATE reported a 15-year-old male student walked into the school cafeteria around 2 p.m. hiding a .22-caliber handgun under a napkin, then allegedly opened fire on the three men.

Officials said a student was taken into custody after the incident.

ABC News' Pierre Thomas and WATE in Knoxville, Tenn., contributed to this report.