ABCNEWS' Arnold Diaz

Arnold Diaz joined ABCNEWS 20/20 in May 1995, having already established himself as one of the leading consumer/investigative reporters in the country during 22 years at CBS-TV.

Most recently, Diaz examined Metabolife's claims regarding its popular diet pill. The report won the 1999 National Press Club's Consumer Journalism Award. During the 1999-2000 season, Diaz also investigated safety concerns about falling truck cargo on highways nationwide that could put drivers at risk; revealed that many children aged 4 to 8 — who are too big for a toddler seat and too small for an adult-sized seat — may be at higher risk for car-accident injury when wearing only a seat belt; and exposed how improper repairs at body shops cheat consumers and can make cars dangerous to drive. In addition, Mr. Diaz's report on products that claim to reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome revealed that some products may in fact put infants at increased risk..

During the 1998-1999 season, Diaz exposed a high-tech scam which billed added charges on consumers' telephone bills for services they never received, examined whether charter buses used by thousands of Americans are properly maintained and safe, and reported on effective cost-saving strategies for airline customers. A report on sports utility vehicles focused on the advantages and hidden dangers of these enormously popular vehicles; and a investigation of moving companies revealed a disturbing practice by some movers — literally holding a consumer's possessions hostage while they demanded additional charges above the original estimate..

Diaz has also reported an undercover investigation which examined why black shoppers are often unfairly targeted by department store security personnel and salespeople as potential thieves..

Diaz's other reports have included an investigation into the forced commitment of elderly people by for-profit psychiatric hospitals that has led to corrective legislation and changes in Medicare policy. He has taken an eye-opening and money-saving look at products like shampoo and toothpaste that people use every day, helping separate fact from fiction, and warning of possible health dangers. His investigation into the epidemic problem of e-coli contaminated ground beef has been praised by both the Food and Drug Administration and the meat industry. A recent report on the weaknesses of the typical smoke detector provided life-saving information.

Prior to coming to ABCNEWS' 20/20, Diaz had spent the past 22 years at WCBS-TV, where his “Shame on You!” reports, exposing wrongdoing and incompetence by private industry and government agencies, often led to actions by law enforcement officials, as well as the enactment of legislation. During his tenure at WCBS, he was honored with 25 Emmy Awards for his reporting..

During the 1993-94 television season, Diaz was the senior correspondent for five one-hour, primetime specials broadcast on the CBS Television Network, titled “Shame on You.” Diaz was a regular contributor to CBS This Morning..

Prior to joining WCBS-TV, Diaz was a reporter for WPLG-TV in Miami..

A Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Florida State University, Diaz received a Master's degree in journalism from the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University in Chicago..

Diaz lives with his wife and three children in Westchester County, New York.