Blizzard Hammers New England Coast

More than 12 inches of snow create whiteout conditions and power outages.
3:00 | 02/16/14

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Transcript for Blizzard Hammers New England Coast
Many spent this Sunday digging out from a major storm overnight another one coming early this week. This image from York Pennsylvania tonight snow towering over the woman they're walking beside it. But the worst of the storm this weekend hitting north of there throughout New England more than twelve inches of snow in some spots and white outs for brutal winds. ABC's deal but he this is on hard hit Cape Cod tonight. A blizzard -- fifteen mile per hour winds hammered the New England coast. Dumping more than a foot of snow in some areas. And knocking out power to about thirteen thousand homes and businesses this is not -- New England of my child it's -- -- hires frost bitten off illness. Here in picturesque Brewster on Cape Cod even the touted ministry had to rely on. -- and you've used that generator for times that's -- justice winner it's running right now because I have no power plants his town is like so many others across the nation. -- resources and workers are stretched -- limit. Look at this snow -- is overdrawn catching -- the big concern tonight -- Brewster has already spent twice as much as expected. We're in a deficit condition now by about a 100000 dollars a 100000 dollars more. -- 100000 dollars in the winter still has a long way to go it's -- -- more. Cities are so tapped out the battered -- from this brutal winter may even go on fixed and as we come on the air tonight here in the northeast. Thousands will be going to bed without power. For yet another night David. Do you but it is on Cape -- for -- tonight GO thanks to get more snow all the way to that same region early in the week so let's bring in meteorologist Mike Wacom. In the weather center Ritter ABC station in Boston -- WCVB and Mike that same system that caused -- avalanche as we showed moments ago here now quickly. Moving eastward. Yes David back those systems -- aligned at the Pacific and the then moving to the central plains. What they do that they drop a quick hitting amount of snow especially as we go through -- -- river valley and then eventually to the northeast. Not a big storm system but it were adding snow to some areas of authority have. Almost three feet of snow on the ground so we're looking anywhere between three and six inches of snow from Minneapolis to Detroit. Here in Boston we're looking at about one to three inches of snow but it will happen during the evening commute on Tuesday that could cause some travel problems -- never ending winter in the meantime Mike you were telling me about a shift in the weather patterns some parts of this country we'll see the snow melt. Write a little shift of the patterns in -- more -- for the south to try to work its way northward -- to see some very warm temperatures in places like little rock and Washington DC where we'll -- -- getting to the fifties the sixties even flirting with seventy. Here the northeast probably won't be quite that warm we've just got too much snow sitting on the ground. And the other thing we'll be watching rapid snow melt across parts of Indiana Ohio and Illinois all because of that we could have some problems and some of the rivers out there.

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{"id":22544201,"title":"Blizzard Hammers New England Coast","duration":"3:00","description":"More than 12 inches of snow create whiteout conditions and power outages.","url":"/WNT/video/blizzard-hammers-england-coast-22544201","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}