Business leaders express disappointment in Trump's decision to pull out of Paris Accord

General Electric CEO Jeff Immelt tweets "climate change is real."
2:06 | 06/01/17

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Transcript for Business leaders express disappointment in Trump's decision to pull out of Paris Accord
Also tonight here, mayors across this country and corporate America, all weighing in. The CEO of GE blasting the move, saying, climate change is real. ABC's Rebecca Jarvis tonight. Reporter: Tonight, moments a after president trump announced that exit. U.S. Companies firing back. General Electric CEO tweeting -- climate change is real. Industry must now lead and not rely on government. Elon Musk, announcing on Twitter, writing, leaving Paris is not good for America or the world. For months, dozens of American companies including apple, citigroup, Walmart have urged president trump not to quit the agreement arguing that participation would help strengthen global competitiveness and create jobs. Local governments alsoing chiming in tonight. 61 U.S. Mayors now pledging to adopt, honor and uphold the Paris accord commitments. . Mayor of Boston with this message. When we talk about heat waves and major storms we're talking about people losing their lives here in Boston. Lot of reaction across this country tonight. Rebecca with us tonight, president trump saying the Paris accord is bad for American jobs. Former president Barack Obama said the nation is still in the accord will benefit from jobs created. Give us a reality check. Reporter: Tonight in this country there are three-times the number of renunl energy jobs as coal jobs. As of now, there are 475,000 wind and solar jobs. Those are growing. Whereas as those coal jobs, 160,000 of them, they saw those numbers decline 24% last year which is why it's not surprising the largest coal producer in this country has come out in appreciation of trump's exit. Supporting the move. Yes. Rebecca Jarvis, thank you. At the start of the president's rose garden

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{"id":47780552,"title":"Business leaders express disappointment in Trump's decision to pull out of Paris Accord","duration":"2:06","description":"General Electric CEO Jeff Immelt tweets \"climate change is real.\"","url":"/WNT/video/business-leaders-express-disappointment-trumps-decision-pull-paris-47780552","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}