Christie in Crisis: Fighting Back

New Jersey governor blasts character of one-time ally Davis Wildstein, accusing him of lying.
3:00 | 02/02/14

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Transcript for Christie in Crisis: Fighting Back
Now to the storm surrounding that bridge nightmare. Not because of the super bowl, but drivers trapped on the George Washington bridge because of politics. This weekend, New Jersey governor Chris Christie celebrating the super bowl in his home state. And hitting back hard against the one-time ally and high school classmate who now says Christie lied about what he knew and when he knew it. ABC's Reena ninan on the case again tonight. Reporter: Game day face. Tonight, New Jersey governor Chris Christie on the offense, now trying to discredit this man, David wildstein, a former transportation official. Wildstein alleges Christie lied when he said he first learned about the September lane closures from the newspaper. In about e-mail to friends and family obtained by ABC news, the governor's office attacked wildstein, claiming he had controversial tenure as mayor of Livingston. Even attacking his high school days, writing, wildstein was accused of deceptive behavior by his high school social studies teacher. Christie's bottom line? David wildstein will do and say anything to save David wildstein. But when wildstein resigned in December, Christie called him a tireless advocate for new Jersey's interests at the port authority. Tomorrow, the committee investigating the four-day George Washington bridge lane closure is expected to receive new subpoenaed documents. We have subpoenas out to 20 individuals and organizations and those documents could range potentially from a couple of papers to thousands of papers. The question now is what those documents will reveal. For now, republican support for Christie is guarded. A potential 2016 republican rival offered this. Right now, all we know is one person's word against another. You can't base any conclusion on such a thing. Establishment would say, the last 48 hours, when ask you them about the Christie situation. They have a two-word answer. Jeb bush. Reporter: Weir learning tonight that Christie Renna, one of 17 people close to the governor, who have been subpoenaed. Her attorney releasing a statement on her behalf to ABC news, I worked hard for the governor, I continue to respect and admire. Rena nigh than, thank you. We turn overseas now and to

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{"id":22339535,"title":"Christie in Crisis: Fighting Back","duration":"3:00","description":"New Jersey governor blasts character of one-time ally Davis Wildstein, accusing him of lying.","url":"/WNT/video/christie-crisis-fighting-back-22339535","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}