Close Call at JFK Airport: Planes Clip Each Other on Tarmac

More than half a dozen jet collisions occurred in last two years.
2:09 | 03/09/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Close Call at JFK Airport: Planes Clip Each Other on Tarmac
We do begin with that collision at new york's jfk airport, two jets full of passengers, the wing of one jet slicing through thrudder of the other jet. The arriving air india jet that hit it, the right wing, the very tip sheered off and stin the air. With a number of these tarmac collisions mounting, we asked tonight, how does this keep happening putting so many passengers at risk? So, we lead off tonight with abc's gio benitez. Reporter: It was an early morning scare. 6:15 a.M., This jetblue airbus was preparing for departure, 150 passengers onboard. When this air india boeing 777 was taxiing into the terminal, that's when thing went wrong. See the air india plane's wing tip. The faa tells us that it hit the jetblue's tail. Just look at the damage. It's like the speed breaker. I was momentarily surprised. Reporter: Nobody was hurt. It might seem like the aviation equivalent of a fender-bender. But just how common are these kind of taxiway accidents? Maybe the most famous incident was just two years ago, when an air france airbus violently struck a deltar jet. And last may, a taiwanese jet hit an american airline. In fact, there have been seven similar incidents in the past two years. Here in the u.S. While we haven't seen a deadly plane crash in four years, experts are increasingly worried of collisions on the tarmac. Abc news aviation analyst said more and more airports are crowded by smaller planes. Some of the bigger airplanes think that they're clear and the little aircraft get in the way. Reporter: Tonight, there's no word on exactly what caused this morning's accident. We're told that this faa is still investigating. Clearly, david, nothing something that the faa wants to see happen again.

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{"id":18694462,"title":"Close Call at JFK Airport: Planes Clip Each Other on Tarmac","duration":"2:09","description":"More than half a dozen jet collisions occurred in last two years.","url":"/WNT/video/close-call-jfk-airport-planes-clip-tarmac-18694462","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}