Comedy Genius Jonathan Winters Dead at 87

Diane Sawyer reveals the top stories people are buzzing about this week.
1:36 | 04/12/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Comedy Genius Jonathan Winters Dead at 87
And at the top of our "instant index" tonight, farewell to a comedy legend, jonathan winters, who has died at the age of 87. Revered by a generation of his comic successors, as a mad genius, quirky voices, strange insights. Did you ever undress in front of a dog? A bird some how doesn't count, right? Or a cat. But a dog? They really stare. One of his biggest fans, robin williams, who brought him on the show "mork and mindy." And williams tweeted today, first, he was my idol, then he was my mentor and amazing friend. He was my comedy buddha. And, some dazzling pictures from around the world tonight, marking the thai new year. A three-day festival. It's been described as a kind of global water fight and even painted elephants get into the act. The water symbolizes the washing away of trouble and a chance to begin again in a new year. And, something happened at the masters golf tournament today that has a lot of people feeling protective. We told you about the 14-year-old golf whiz, tianlang guan, the first player ever at the masters, so young, his mom packed him a lunch, including was penalized for playing too slowly, exceeding the 40-second time limit per shot. It's reportedly the first time anyone's been penalized for that at the masters. The penalty, one stroke.

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{"id":18944772,"title":"Comedy Genius Jonathan Winters Dead at 87","duration":"1:36","description":"Diane Sawyer reveals the top stories people are buzzing about this week.","url":"/WNT/video/comedy-genius-jonathan-winters-dead-87-18944772","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}