Commuting Costs on the Rise in America

Here's ways to cut commuting costs in half.
2:27 | 06/04/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Commuting Costs on the Rise in America
Tonight "world news" is back with new ways to put money in your wallet right now. So much of our lives spent commuting. 11 million of us commuting an hour or more each way. An average of $3,000 on gasoline last year. Abc's paula faris went on the hunt for secret ways to save time and "real money." California newlyweds rob and lisa oshima are trying to save money to start a family. Big family? We'll go for the 2.5 kids right now. Reporter: But like so many of us, they're spending too much time -- probably two hours -- one way! Reporter: Two hours? Yeah. Reporter: -- And money. 80 bucks a week. 100 a week. Reporter: On their commutes. Rob, 20 miles one way to his job in san francisco. Lisa, 40 miles to silicon valley. Adding up to about $180 a week -- $720 a month. But does it have to cost so much? Enter our transportation expert, alex bayen. He says there are secret commuter short cuts that can help you save. Burning fuel and money. I'm a bit of a speed demon. It looks like hard braking and accelerating in it. Automatic estimates their device can save 30% on your fuel costs. People can make small changes to their driving that would have a big impact. Reporter: The gadget also tells you how much each trip costs in gas. So you can better budget. Tip number two, save time with this waze app. It tells you exactly how slow traffic's moving where. You can see. Five miles an hour. It's pretty slow. Reporter: So you can find the best route. Idling just ten minutes costs as much as driving five miles. And finally, tip number three, find a carpool buddy with apps like lyft. Hi! Reporter: Lyft drivers like leah undergo strict background checks. And if lisa carpools just once a week, she'll save $60 a month. Why not? We're all going to the same place. They expect to save nearly $4,000ar alone, nearly cutting their gas bills in half. A nice nest egg for their next chapter. That's "real money"! Reporter: Paula faris, abc news, san francisco.

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{"id":19325688,"title":"Commuting Costs on the Rise in America","duration":"2:27","description":"Here's ways to cut commuting costs in half.","url":"/WNT/video/commuting-costs-rise-america-19325688","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}