Confidential Documents Show Revisions on Benghazi Story

Jay Carney answers tough questions on what really happened with the Benghazi talking points.
2:10 | 05/09/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Confidential Documents Show Revisions on Benghazi Story
Now to the White House challenged it today during a leadership crisis. A crisis about what the president did on bin Ghazi and we're talking about eight months ago when four Americans died. ABC's chief White House correspondent Jonathan Karl broke the story that created a storm today. -- White House is under fire today for it ever changing explanation of what happened. During that Ben Ghazi attack last year that killed four American. And the the you know. Was it the White House said that information about the attack was based on talking points drafted entirely by the CIA. And then neither Hillary Clinton's State Department nor the White House made anything more than stylistic changes the single adjustment of these two institutions. We're changing the work consulate. To diplomatic facility but today ABC news has exclusively obtained twelve versions of the talking points showing they went through extensive -- the early drafts pointed to evidence. In an al-Qaeda affiliated group took part in the attack. And that the CIA had warned about al-Qaeda threats in Ben Ghazi Secretary Clinton spokesperson objected saying in an email obtained by ABC. The information quote could be abused by members of congress to beat up on the state department for not paying attention to warnings so why would we want to feed -- After those objections were raised all references to al-Qaeda and the CIA warnings were deleted from the CIA talking points. Easy I am original version included references to al-Qaeda those were taken out after the CIA -- its initial draft and the CIA wrote another draft. At these it -- from the state -- well in the here's here's what I've been saying yeah. Now John Republicans say it was all about protecting President Obama from a bad story during the height of the election campaign. It to divert criticism. From the state department for not doing enough to protect the consulate. And Hillary Clinton is already taking fire from Republican -- I take responsibility I take responsibility. That may be the earliest presidential attack -- we have ever seen. But -- I have seen no evidence no emails no documents that show that Hillary Clinton had any direct role in editing those -- -- -- will she be called back up to the hill for another of those combative hearings. Well we already have seen one prominent Republicans say that she that they what he wants her back up there. But Diane I think that is highly unlikely secretary. The former secretary testified early on this. And I don't expect -- there again all right breaking news tonight Jonathan Karl at the White House thank you John.

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{"id":19154199,"title":"Confidential Documents Show Revisions on Benghazi Story","duration":"2:10","description":"Jay Carney answers tough questions on what really happened with the Benghazi talking points.","url":"/WNT/video/confidential-documents-show-revisions-benghazi-story-19154199","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}