Do Crosswalk Buttons Really Work?

Find out the truth about traffic light buttons at busy intersections that promise to help change the light faster.
1:45 | 07/31/14

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Transcript for Do Crosswalk Buttons Really Work?
And finally tonight, it may not be the most pressing question on your list, but if you ever wondered if those traffic light buttons at busy intersections work? Reporter: Our lives are busy. Every second counts. And nothing speeds up your walk like pushing that button. The faster you press it, the sooner you walk. Even a six-year-old knows that. It can change the hand and the people that are walking across the road. Reporter: I got some really bad news for you. Those buttons don't work. Oh! Reporter: Don't worry, Cheyenne. Most of us only had a hunch. I did not know that! Reporter: Until Dallas woke up to a front page story that every crosswalk button in downtown has been disabled. Yes. Those shiny objects are 100 percent, totally, completely useless. Are you serious? Oh, my god! Reporter: It turns out cities across the country have unhooked many of their buttons. New York City did it a decade ago to help the flow of traffic. Crosswalks are now on timers. Stopping cars every time an impatient pedestrian presses the button would throw off the timing and cause even more delays. The crosswalk automatically changes. Reporter: The buttons don't do anything. In England, this man caused a four mile backup in his village by constantly pressing the button as part of the protest. It only ended when someone Bloom verses Bieber, round

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{"id":24799167,"title":"Do Crosswalk Buttons Really Work?","duration":"1:45","description":"Find out the truth about traffic light buttons at busy intersections that promise to help change the light faster.","url":"/WNT/video/crosswalk-buttons-work-24799167","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}