Dangers of the Job as a TSA Officer

TSA officers are unarmed yet each year more than 1,300 guns are found at TSA checkpoints.
1:22 | 11/01/13

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Transcript for Dangers of the Job as a TSA Officer
Pierre thomas, thank you. We turn to the victims including the tsa officer shot and killed. Those officers facing uncertain danger, consider this tonight. More than 1300 guns have been found at tsa check points this year alone. In the last week, 29 guns discovered, 27 of them loaded. Tonight abc's cecilia vega live at the hospital in los angeles. Cecilia, good evening. Reporter: David, good evening. We know tsa officer was a behavioral detection officer one of those officers who studies strange behavior, he's the first tsa officer ever to be killed in the line of duty. We saw that scene this morning from l.A.X., Chaos, another tsa officer running bloodied being escorted to safety by a uniformed police officer with his gun drawn. As for the victims, five rushed to area hospitals. Some of them tsa officers, three men being treated here behind me at the emergency room at ucla medical center. One of them doctors tell us with life threatening injuries, in critical condition. David, being treated for a gunshot wound. We are all thinking about the victims tonight. Cecilia vega reporting in as well. One final note this evening, the ripple effect from today's incident felt around the country. Look at this, on the ground, airports around this nation stepping up security in light of the gunman's attack. Our team coverage continues with the very latest first thing tomorrow morning right here on good morning america.

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{"id":20761677,"title":"Dangers of the Job as a TSA Officer","duration":"1:22","description":"TSA officers are unarmed yet each year more than 1,300 guns are found at TSA checkpoints. ","url":"/WNT/video/dangers-job-tsa-officer-20761677","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}