Family Survival Tips for When Natural Disasters Strike

One family's plan to ensure their safety is put to the test.
3:00 | 10/31/13

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Transcript for Family Survival Tips for When Natural Disasters Strike
Next tonight here real answers last night -- children who slept through the smoke alarm tonight ABC's Byron Pitts is back with one great family taking a new test what they learned. Every fan in every part of America is susceptible to wild whether ready -- not. For the mascot family of -- bill Merrill. Wendy walk in the park this is not. Rather the early stages a fast approaching tropical storm force winds provided by engineers at the University of Maryland when -- This place. The kids had fun. And experiencing the high winds made the Stanley realize how important it is to have appliance. And -- like this it's hard that the -- straight with famous helping put the mascot Stanley to the test. Here's the scenario a severe storm -- it before can't. Do they have the proper supplies to stay at home you guys will gather everything together so -- -- Rica. Like any normal day -- it worked Cellini in the kids gather what they think they'll need what do you get anybody. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We brought in theme is -- -- to see how well prepared -- are given them grain beaver grade what might be. So for the thought and effort we're gonna say -- seen. But it is going to be very very easy to get us up to an -- plus. Thank you FEMA suggests supplies for at least three days remember this -- Like Jack. Food well it's not good non -- only. A few bottles not enough. -- of water per person per day so my -- -- peanut bag and also recommends ago -- The mascots didn't have one did have flashlights and batteries and -- first thing. Good start. They didn't have photo copies of all important documents cash prescription drugs food for the pets and and something very important they got right to a place to go all the fans can meet up. Thanks to Byron tonight and of the mascot -- for taking the test.

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{"id":20748497,"title":"Family Survival Tips for When Natural Disasters Strike","duration":"3:00","description":"One family's plan to ensure their safety is put to the test.","url":"/WNT/video/family-survival-tips-natural-disasters-strike-20748497","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}