How Many Gifts Under Your Tree Are Made in America?

ABC News' David Muir visits the home of La-Z-Boy, the furniture made with American hands.
2:13 | 12/05/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for How Many Gifts Under Your Tree Are Made in America?
The great made America Christmas is back. It could count down the dog until Christmas most wonderful time of the year and is the question we've asked for years now. Anything under the tree be made in America. As famous Plaza Hotel in New York ABC world news the door and seeing more shopping bag that provided to people carrying a much of it is American made. I suppose as they tied the viewers have always been step ahead run news tonight. Alain perfect for Michigan happy look where she city says it all and we went to find. A lazy boy light up the line in America. Good morning they are by Perrier. We've chair watch the news weather go oh it was 19272. Cousins and were they bush and Edwin Shoemaker starting of furniture business in Monroe Michigan. Their idea. A chair that were Klein's they called it the lazy boy. Ninety years later factories in five states 7500. Workers 8000 pieces of furniture a day. How many people see this sign. What made in America and actually comment on it may know that. Perhaps their neighbors your friends who were involved in making the product that that the makes a difference the fox from America should feel. Tennessee and Alabama this spring's Indiana at duke Carolina the full Mississippi and deported. Day perhaps the most stress free job on the life testing this chairs. If Randy nineteen years. Simple thing oh really think. That's built United States back to distort and how important they made Americas for customers who come in here extremely important and I thought I give Jose. When for his money. It does mean the TV now the you can watch your own re runs record. That we run we're proud of the big in America Christmas fit back. For years now asking just one thing he'd send us your idea next room a lot of home. Watching the news tonight. Hopefully we're watching world news about Papa Papa. I. We need your ideas I'm David York I'll see right back here tomorrow night.

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{"id":43995481,"title":"How Many Gifts Under Your Tree Are Made in America?","duration":"2:13","description":"ABC News' David Muir visits the home of La-Z-Boy, the furniture made with American hands.","url":"/WNT/video/gifts-tree-made-america-43995481","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}