Long limbs, Long Life: How Your Body Can Predict Your Health

Fingertips and ear lobes may be a possible clue to solving many health problems.
3:16 | 11/27/12

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Transcript for Long limbs, Long Life: How Your Body Can Predict Your Health
After you watch this next report, you may want to find a mirror. As we know heart disease is and away the number one killer of americans, male and female, but tonight we learn there are red flags your body is waving at you about your heart health. From your earlobes to your fing fingertips. Abc's sharyn alfonsi reports on the visible warning signs. Reporter: They are the clues hidden in plain sight. Look closely at her eyes, his ears, those fingertips. What can they really tell us about the health of your heart? Everything. This 74-year-old man has an increased risk for heart disease, and we can tell just by looking at him. How? Well, look at his earlobes, at the crease on his ears. He allowed us to get up close and personal. Did you ever notice that crease in your ear before? I noticed it because it was mine, but I paid no attention to it. Just like my nose. Reporter: But dr. Michael wald says you should pay attention to it. He is a detective of sorts. And that crease is actually a clue. You want to see if there is a diagonal earlobe crease that really is an enfolding of tissue, and that is what is being associated with heart disease. Reporter: One study found 71% of people with that crease suffered from heart disease. Now, look even deeper into the ear. This is kind of gross, but you say we should be looking at our ear wax. Yes. We're basically born genetically with one of two different types of ear wax. There is a wet, sticky type and a dry, kind of brittle type, and if you are more of the dry, brittle type you're at a higher rick of heart disease. Reporter: Doctors believe it could have something to do with the way people's bodies handle oil and fat. Our hands hide clues too. One of the biggest indicators of heart disease is something called nail clubbing. The tips of the finger, the tissue gets thicker, and it kind of starts to cover up the end of the nail. Reporter: Studies show 80% of people with clubbed fingernails have serious illness like heart disease, lung disease or cancer. Thin calves, less than 13 inches around could also could also signal a whole new way of looking at your body. How strong a predictor is that for someone? There was one study that said if you had creases in both earlobes, 77%, more likely chance you'll have some kind of heart disease. Wow. That is big. So tell me about the other things. You look in the mirror, you see them, what do you do with them? Take them to your doctor and say I have thin calves? Don't panic. These are just indicators. It's a good jumping off point for a discussion with your doctor but point out to him and say, hey, I noticed this or I'm looking at your legs. We even looked at the 5:00 shadow. That's a good thing for men. That means you have more testosterone. The more you have the less likely you have heart disease. All sorts of secret clues your body is is giving. Look in the mirror and you'll be back later I know with other illnesses and other predictors you see in your body, thank you,

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{"id":17822947,"title":" Long limbs, Long Life: How Your Body Can Predict Your Health ","duration":"3:16","description":"Fingertips and ear lobes may be a possible clue to solving many health problems.","url":"/WNT/video/long-limbs-long-life-body-predict-health-17822947","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}