Moore, Oklahoma, One Year After the Deadly Tornado Killed 24

Town rebuilds and remembers the fallen in a solemn tribute after an EF5 tornado devastated their lives.
3:45 | 05/20/14

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Transcript for Moore, Oklahoma, One Year After the Deadly Tornado Killed 24
I'm master class and resilience for this nation it was one year ago an EF five tornado tore through the town of Moore Oklahoma -- you'll remember. A school was pulverized. Well today we saw heads bowed in prayer remembering the fallen and we saw a Boy Scouts. Marching under the banner more strong. ABC's David -- was on the ground then and tonight he's back with their true grit come back Davis. It's really something -- as you know we have followed the children of Moore Oklahoma this past year we were there for their first day of school in makeshift classrooms at a local church. And tonight -- just a few days left of school the lesson. -- now taught us. This is the tornado that hit Moore Oklahoma one year ago this afternoon. The massive EF five tornado taking 24 lives seven of them children. Today here is the before and -- On the left there the path of destruction one year ago on the right the grass growing where homes once stood the rebuilding under way. One of the school's plaza towers decimated. Now the school built in its place this time -- -- safe from the shelter for the children they showed it. And a tour of the new school and beginning with these doors is the beginning of the storm shelter. If people never forget the street. The children there and they're petrified wood elementary trapped under that -- hovering overhead and the instincts of their teacher mrs. deeds. Repeated all -- the bulls -- One year later this is DT telling us she doesn't know what -- demonstrate. I felt pretty helpless at that moment. When you later. Members whose son he -- look at and that -- -- The concrete great in his -- She took us inside the school where another teacher a mother herself. Huddled on top of for sun to save him my son and all the other kids -- down. With their hands clasped. -- -- -- I know that my son and daughter were both in the hands of people who -- -- them -- teacher mrs. Biddle and we will never forget she told us. Now a lot of those parents are grateful. To you. And -- -- you and saying. Your -- does not sound all -- -- really yearlong. And -- later we wanted to know more about the school were we discovered in mrs. mayor -- first grade classroom all of the intact right there on the desks where was left. Just before the tornado hit they were writing what they like most about their teacher over -- she KP cupcakes. And they were remembering because this was just a couple -- -- -- school for the year but years later we went back to find this is Mary -- And here she is holding the baby she just had this month little -- Telling us she never made it back to her classroom instead seeing the pictures -- here on world news. At -- tornado hit -- at the children's singing in the hallway to keep them distracted. Now she seems to -- -- It's always going to be a part of me and AM. So many miles. -- for the troops from the church now there are stars to route more tonight John's message more strong one with a simple heart. And the message they've all -- -- this last year. Apple. The two new elementary schools will open in August both built on the same sites -- -- -- schools were and as you heard -- both which shelters and Diane. Fulfilled -- his teachers as you heard mrs. -- say there. Your child is my child all -- -- -- all -- queens have these teachers and what they teach all of us thank you so much David Muir reporting tonight.

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{"id":23803473,"title":"Moore, Oklahoma, One Year After the Deadly Tornado Killed 24","duration":"3:45","description":"Town rebuilds and remembers the fallen in a solemn tribute after an EF5 tornado devastated their lives.","url":"/WNT/video/moore-oklahoma-year-deadly-tornado-killed-24-23803473","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}