Prepared to Be Inspired by the Bronner Twins

Sisters share their story of hard work to become co-valedictorians at graduation.
2:10 | 05/09/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Prepared to Be Inspired by the Bronner Twins
Big family weekend ahead Mother's Day and for many families graduation and I loved seeing all of -- snapshots you sent us from your family albums graduates and the moms who helped make it possible. Including persons of the week you're about to meet a couple of identical twins graduating from Spelman College who make you wonder if you're seeing double. Meet Kirstie Browner. And -- Browner Christie. Kirstie and don't worry you don't have to tell them apart because they're both valedictorian. Who sing like angels -- and -- saying it was their family. To this day I definitely feel like the possibilities are in this now. Our family instilled at an asked that even as woman even as a black woman you can do anything that is in your heart to do you -- they decided to give the valedictorian speech together about fear. And your future. On graduation day I mean. Idea is about. Is about a propeller it's been is really -- it has the ability to cut issue but as the very thing that pressure for it sometimes just walk. Trusting -- in you know even if -- A free. And that was a lesson they learned from another spelman graduate -- won there in the white dress it's definitely. A beautiful feeling to look and see the history it's their grandmother -- Who grew up in -- segregated age she became a teacher of the one of her granddaughters to be brave don't give -- all with continued. Because you you might not -- will now what you might. Do better next week and do not give they'll be don't -- it. Continue -- anything to start and by the way their mother was a spelman graduate to they've always. Felt like they want it to give it everything that they had. Everything. And they didn't hold back so -- -- I really can't take the credit. Their father -- the minister -- 20000 person congregation. In Atlanta. The secret to our success. Is it working like it's all of yes but praying like -- -- to -- two -- ready to graduate with a message. Buying -- Asked and the song from generations past. And his and my best in the for the generations. To come.

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{"id":19154278,"title":"Prepared to Be Inspired by the Bronner Twins","duration":"2:10","description":"Sisters share their story of hard work to become co-valedictorians at graduation.","url":"/WNT/video/prepared-inspired-bronner-twins-19154278","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}