Sam Sifton Gives 3 Thanksgiving Cooking Tips

New York Times editor shares ways to prepare a better holiday meal.
3:00 | 11/16/12

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Transcript for Sam Sifton Gives 3 Thanksgiving Cooking Tips
I loved Martha Stewart. Between us I'm a little scared Martha Stewart to. And -- for a -- and I don't think I'm scared of Rachael Ray but. But it I love both those women and -- accomplished -- and accomplished entertainers and I'm much more low bar and this. Beautiful women I'm just the -- saying it -- roasted Turkey and make it. Make it really delicious -- -- -- three secret tips. The first is to you to make sure that the bird goes into the -- -- It's been well dry with paper towel before it goes into the the reason for this is pretty simple don't want the heated the having to work to operate all this water that's on the -- before it gets to work furnishings in the second -- -- Turkey stock. Take that Turkey and he didn't know Turkey -- -- -- that Turkey part that was in the Turkey. At the beginning of the and put it into a -- some water and some vegetables that can happen how line. -- -- -- -- Add water and -- that global whale as a kind of primitive Turkey stock you can use -- moistened your dressing. You can use it to moistened and warm up the sliced Turkey before you serve. People -- this is great this really like this is the best Turkey you've ever made. And say thank you liked. Works every time the third test that I can offer. From years of experience -- -- Ryan's book. Is that gravy is a big problem for people it's -- mystery scared of that. They don't need to be there's there's a product you can get in supermarkets it's like a finely milled flour they -- instant file. I think wonder is one of the brands and must be others that come in this kind of -- And it it's it's kind of magical because it doesn't clump. And so when -- scattered over the mess at the bottom of the pan which and in turn into this magical elixir called grave. And you -- a lot of great rivers -- grave but over everything. You put it in there he makes it around and it doesn't clump up -- -- their regular all purpose for our jobs. These crooked the taste of the flower come off stock and cream believes salt -- Buchanan is engraving every time once again. Does that -- -- -- government and the response to simply. Thank.

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{"id":17743986,"title":"Sam Sifton Gives 3 Thanksgiving Cooking Tips","duration":"3:00","description":"New York Times editor shares ways to prepare a better holiday meal. ","url":"/WNT/video/sam-sifton-thanksgiving-cooking-tips-17743986","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}