US Troops Conducting Military Exercises on Syrian Border

U.S. military in Jordan within striking distance of President Assad's forces.
1:32 | 06/19/13

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Transcript for US Troops Conducting Military Exercises on Syrian Border
Speaking of syria, one of the top issues on this presidential trip, how america should handle that conflict. We head to the region where u.S. Troops are sending a mess aemg to president assad by conducting military exercises in jordan. Martha raddatz is with the troops. Reporter: We journeyed hundreds of miles across the deserts of jordan today with one of america's generals. Along with the jordanians, he is leading a fearsome display of power. Fighter jets pummeling the earth, mortars and rockets launching from attack helicopters, tanks streaking across the sands, an exercise that the assad regime may see as all too real. These are the forces that could be sent into syria to secure chemical weapons, help enforce a no fly zone or train the rebels. Jordan is america's key ally in the region and is worried that the ear in syria will spill over its borders. The royal family asking the u.S. To leave its fighter jets and a patriot missile battery behind when the exercise ends. This will at least provide some comfort for the people here that there is at least something that will be able to protect us. Reporter: There is no telling HOW LONG THE F16s OR THE PATRIOT Missile batteries will remain here in jordan but given the deteriorating situation in syria it could be a long time, george. We're going to turn now to a

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{"id":19441253,"title":"US Troops Conducting Military Exercises on Syrian Border","duration":"1:32","description":"U.S. military in Jordan within striking distance of President Assad's forces.","url":"/WNT/video/us-troops-conducting-military-exercises-syrian-border-19441253","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}